Crypto Weekly: Google to Start Accepting Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies as Payment

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Welcome to Today's Headlines. Our top stories include Google partnering with Coinbase to accept crypto payments, CNN's NFT store, and crypto weekly. We also have stories on the proposed global rules for crypto, Damien Hirst burning artworks, and MobileCoin launching a stablecoin. Lastly, we have an update on Nvidia's new RTX 4090 GPU and Singapore suggesting blockchain to speed up cross-border payments.


  1. Google is partnering with Coinbase to allow cloud customers to pay in cryptocurrency next year.

  2. CNN has been accused of pulling a "rugpull" with its recent launch of an NFT store.

  3. Crypto Weekly looks at the recent volatility in the cryptocurrency markets.

  4. Crypto giant Coinbase has been granted a licence to operate in Singapore.

  5. Global regulators are proposing the first set of rules for the cryptocurrency industry before it thaws out of its "crypto winter".

  6. Damien Hirst has burned several of his artworks after collectors chose to pick their NFTs instead.

  7. Industry season two, episode three recap – never go hunting with a banker!

  8. Crypto and payments firm MobileCoin has launched a stablecoin called "Electronic Dollars".

  9. Insider's rating methodology for investment platforms.

  10. US stocks slip as bond yields edge higher and investors prepare to sift through corporate earnings.

  11. Crypto is becoming mainstream. Here's how to live in the financial "new normal".

  12. To dodge Putin's draft, Russian men can buy fake positive HIV test results for $620 in bitcoin.

  13. Nvidia's $1599 RTX 4090 GPU reviewed.

  14. Crypto: BNY Mellon adds crypto to its $43 trillion custody business. Why that’s important for digital asset adoption.

  15. Crypto Update: Why Bored Ape creators Yuga Labs is being investigated by the SEC.

  16. The new GPU world order is beginning to take shape.

  17. Google Cloud to accept cryptocurrencies as payment.

  18. Singapore suggests blockchain to speed cross-border payments.

  19. Google Cloud to start accepting Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum as payment.

  20. Oozing Wound – “The Good Times (I Don’t Miss ‘Em)”

  21. Crypto giant Coinbase gets Singapore licence.

  22. Washington, D.C., Is Starting to Crack Down on Crypto.

  23. Germany Backs Joint EU Debt to Ease Energy Crisis.

  24. Google Chases Amazon and Microsoft in Cloud With AI Technology.

  25. Dangerous Mix for US Earnings Has Yet to Be Priced in Stocks.

  26. This One Thing Could Determine What Happens to the Price of Ethereum.

  27. Nasdaq Bear Market: 2 Stocks Defying the Downturn.

  28. Ethereum: Buy the Dip?

  29. 3 Tech Stocks With More Potential Than Any Cryptocurrency.