Google Cloud To Start Accepting Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum As Payment




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Welcome to today's edition of the news. In today's headlines, we have Google partnering with Coinbase to let cloud customers pay in crypto next year, Insider's rating methodology for investment platforms, Crypto becoming mainstream, and 3 Financial Services Stocks Investors Shouldn't Be Buying Right Now.


  1. Google is partnering with Coinbase to allow customers to pay for cloud services with cryptocurrencies next year.
  2. Insider's rating methodology for investment platforms.
  3. Crypto is becoming mainstream. Here's how to live in the financial "new normal."
  4. 3 financial services stocks investors shouldn't be buying right now.
  5. To dodge Putin's draft, Russian men can buy fake positive HIV test results for $620 in bitcoin.
  6. BNY Mellon is adding crypto to its $43 trillion custody business. Why that's important for digital asset adoption.
  7. Google Cloud to start accepting Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum as payment.
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  10. 3 Tech Stocks With More Potential Than Any Cryptocurrency.
  11. This One Thing Could Determine What Happens to the Price of Ethereum.
  12. Four Reasons Why It's Essential For Women In Africa To Own Crypto Assets.
  13. Ethereum Merge Highlights Differing Visions For America's Energy Future.
  14. The Ethics Of Crypto: Sorting Out Good Intentions And Bad Actors.
  15. Ultra-Rich Young Americans Are Investing In Stocks Half As Much As Older People With Similar Wealth, Survey Finds.
  16. Google To Allow Crypto Payments With New Coinbase Deal.
  17. A Contrary Indicator That's Working?
  18. The Download: harmful AI, and a deadlier monkeypox variant.
  19. Queens Man Convicted of Laundering Bitcoin and Operating Unlicensed Money Transmitting Business.
  20. Anti-ESG Can Be Good Business.
  21. Mega-Cap Stocks And Cryptos At Potential Breakdown Levels (Technical Analysis).
  22. Vailshire Partners Hedge Fund Client Memo.
  23. Applied Blockchain, Inc. (APLD) Q1 2023 Earnings Call Transcript.
  24. Ripple Is Winning, And Investors Are Noticing.
  25. GameStop: This Meme Stock Could Be On Its Way To Penny Stock Price Levels.
  26. The Rise and Fall of Bitcoin Maximalism.
  27. Bitcoin: Breaking Up Money and State.
  28. WisdomTree's Spot Bitcoin ETF Rejected by The SEC.
  29. Valkyrie to Liquidate Bitcoin Balance Sheet ETF After Limited Uptake.