Opinion: Make it easier for employees to vote - Tuberville's racially charged remarks should be condemned

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Today's headlines cover a wide range of topics, from opinion pieces to news about current events. One common thread is the importance of voting, whether it be for employees or for government officials. Other stories include the tragic funeral rites for victims of a mass shooting in Thailand, Russian hackers taking US airport websites offline, and animal sacrifice in Europe. Gas prices are on the rise again, and the first snowflakes of the season have already appeared in some parts of the world. In entertainment news, actor T.J. Miller has confirmed that he will not be returning for the third Deadpool movie, and fans of Back to the Future are delighted by a recent reunion of its two main stars. Finally, China's holiday spending has taken a hit due to the ongoing Covid pandemic.


  • A discussion of the difficulties employees face when trying to vote, and how this could be changed
  • A condemnation of remarks made by Tuberville that were seen as racially charged
  • A description of the funeral rites that are taking place for victims of a mass shooting and stabbing in Thailand
  • A report on how Russian-speaking hackers have taken US airport websites offline
  • A look at animal sacrifice and pagan worship that is still taking place on the edges of Europe
  • A warning that gas prices could be on the rise again, potentially reaching $4 per gallon
  • A report on the first snowflakes of the season, and what this means for the coming winter
  • A list of all the restaurants that Tucci visited in season 2 of his show
  • A statement from President Tsai of Taiwan reaffirming the country's sovereignty and saying there is "no room for compromise"
  • A report on how Kanye West's Twitter account has been locked for an antisemitic tweet
  • A look at the belongings that were turned to debris by Hurricane Ian, and the struggle to recover from the storm
  • A discussion of T.J. Miller's recent remarks that he was not asked to return for 'Deadpool 3'
  • A report on North Korea's latest missile tests, which they say are practice for "tactical nuclear strikes" on South Korea
  • A tribute to Eileen Ryan, an actress best known for her role in 'Magnolia', who has passed away at the age of 94
  • A description of a recent meeting between Julia Roberts and George Clooney, where they laughed about kissing on set when family members were visiting
  • A call for every school and family to have a playbook for dealing with youth mental health issues
  • A discussion of William Shatner's thoughts on traveling to space, after he recently spoke about his fears
  • A look at the reaction of Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman to Putin's comments about a bridge being built between Russia and Ukraine
  • A report on how football player Sebastian Gutierrez has swapped pizza shops for the New England Patriots
  • A description of how Emily Sisson set a record for US women at the Chicago Marathon
  • A discussion of the fury of F1 drivers after Pierre Gasly passed a recovery vehicle on the track at high speed, despite pleas from the team
  • A look at how China's holiday spending has plunged to a seven-year low as the Covid pandemic continues to batter consumer confidence
  • A report on how, according to newly obtained audio, McCarthy told 2 officers in a private meeting that Trump had no idea his supporters were attacking the Capitol on January 6
  • A description of the UK's latest budget, which has been brought forward in an attempt to reassure markets
  • A video of police dragging a man and his pregnant wife, despite pleas from the couple
  • A description of the delight of 'Back to the Future' fans at a recent reunion between Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd
  • A statement from Ukraine's Foreign Minister, saying that there is "no way" that Russian strikes will change the country's war tactics
  • A look at what Indigenous Peoples' Day means to Native Americans, and the history behind the holiday
  • A report on an injury suffered by Alphonso Davies during a recent soccer match, after he was kicked in the face