Billionaire hedge fund manager Paul Tudor Jones says a 'recession playbook' would see stocks fall by another 10%




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It was a mixed day for the markets, with news on both the positive and negative sides. Billionaire hedge fund manager Paul Tudor Jones said that stocks could fall by another 10% due to a potential recession, while Friday's jobs report signaled that the labor market is still strong. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies also saw some ups and downs, with some positive news for miners but also some cautionary tales about browsing adult websites at work. Overall, it was a day of both good and bad news for the markets.


  • Billionaire hedge fund manager Paul Tudor Jones says a 'recession playbook' would see stocks fall by another 10%. He also says that the Friday's jobs report signaled the labor market is still hot, and that probably means stocks could be headed for new 2022 lows this month.
  • Bitcoin and Economic Nihilism: A look at how Bitcoin and economic nihilism are connected, and how Bitcoin is being used as a way to take advantage of the current economic situation.
  • Key Words: Here’s how you’ll know stock-market lows are finally here, says legendary investor who called ’87 crash: A look at how to tell if the stock market is really at its lowest point, according to an experienced investor.
  • Is the US economy in a recession and taking the world with it?: A look at whether or not the current US economic situation is indicative of a recession, and how that could impact the rest of the world.
  • China's Crypto Emigres in Their Own Words, a Year After Curbs: A look at how China's cryptocurrency situation has changed in the past year, and how those changes have affected those who have chosen to leave the country.
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  • Here's another excellent reason not to browse adult websites at work: A look at the dangers of browsing adult websites at work, and how it can lead to malware infections.
  • Crypto’s Biggest Asset Manager Launches Bitcoin Mining Fund, Wants To Take Advantage Of Fire Sale Prices From Underwater Sellers: A look at how a major crypto asset manager is launching a Bitcoin mining fund, in order to take advantage of discounted prices from miners who are underwater on their contracts.
  • Short-Term Bitcoin Sentiment Reached A Nearly 4-Month Low In September: A look at how short-term sentiment for Bitcoin reached a nearly four-month low in September.
  • Gold Mining Stocks Just Flashed A Bullish Signal: A look at how gold mining stocks have recently shown a bullish signal.
  • HT Token’s 26% Pop Shows Enthusiasm For Huobi Acquisition But Fundamental Questions Linger: A look at how the recent price jump for HT tokens shows enthusiasm for the Huobi acquisition, but there are still some fundamental questions that need to be answered.
  • Coin: A Founder’s Story Offers A Meticulous Look At Crypto And The Ups And Downs Involved In The Origins Of Brian Armstrong’s Coinbase: A look at how the book "Coin: A Founder's Story" offers a detailed look at the cryptocurrency industry and the highs and lows involved in the beginnings of Brian Armstrong's Coinbase.
  • Criminal multitool LilithBot arrives on malware-as-a-service scene: A look at how the criminal malware-as-a-service tool LilithBot has arrived on the scene.
  • Wall Street Breakfast: Earnings Gloom: A look at how earnings reports are looking gloomier than expected.
  • Energy Vs. Sovereign Bonds: A look at how energy stocks are performing compared to sovereign bonds.
  • Paul Tudor Jones Tamps Down Bitcoin Bullishness: A look at how Paul Tudor Jones has dialed back his Bitcoin bullishness.
  • Bitcoin Mining Difficulty Surges to All-Time High, Putting Additional Squeeze on Miners: A look at how Bitcoin mining difficulty has surged to an all-time high, putting additional pressure on miners.
  • Market Wrap: Bitcoin Trades Flat Ahead of Inflation Report: A look at how Bitcoin is trading flat ahead of the inflation report.
  • Crypto Services Firm Luxor to Offer Derivatives for Bitcoin Miners to Hedge Risk: A look at how crypto services firm Luxor is offering derivatives for Bitcoin miners to hedge their risk.
  • Crypto Funds Witness Minor Outflows – but It's Bullish, Actually: A look at how crypto funds have seen minor outflows, but how this is actually a bullish sign.
  • First Mover Americas: Bitcoin Stable Around $19K as Inflation, Earnings Haunt Traditional Markets: A look at how Bitcoin has remained stable around $19,000 as inflation and earnings reports haunt traditional markets.
  • Bitcoin and Ether Fall Slightly as Macro Clouds Loom Over Market: A look at how Bitcoin and Ether have fallen slightly as macroeconomic conditions look uncertain.
  • Stablecoins’ Role in Cutting International Payment Costs Probed by Payments Watchdog: A look at how stablecoins could play a role in cutting international payment costs.
  • How One Scientist-Turned-Founder Is Bridging Drug Discovery With Blockchain: A look at how one scientist-turned-founder is working on bridging drug discovery with blockchain technology.