Why putting people on the moon (again) is so worth the expense




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In today's news, we cover a variety of topics including the disappointing turnout for El Salvador's bitcoin revolution, Jack Dorsey's new Web5 project, and reasons to buy cryptocurrency now. We also have articles discussing the identity of the world's top crypto brand, student loan forgiveness, and the new platform for bitcoin-backed borrowing. Finally, we have fun reads about why putting people on the moon is worth the expense and an introducting to Crypto Bros, a new bitcoin watch from Jacob & Co.


  1. El Salvador's Bitcoin revolution largely fizzled, with few people taking advantage of the country's new status quo.
  2. Jack Dorsey's Web5 vision is a solution to a problem that has already been solved by other means.
  3. The identity of the world's top crypto brand might shock you.
  4. 3 no-brainer reasons to buy more cryptocurrency now.
  5. Student loan forgiveness may free up money for millions of Americans, but it is unlikely to cause the same stock buying spree as pandemic-stimulus checks.
  6. After the crypto crash and tax rollout, focus is shifting to India's Web3 play.
  7. Wall Street breakfast: what moved markets.
  8. There is a new platform for Bitcoin-backed borrowing, and it is courting banks to lend.
  9. Why putting people on the moon (again) is so worth the expense.
  10. Bitcoin will find success via ultimate utility.
  11. Bitcoin maximalism is the idea that you need to fix the money system before anything else.
  12. Inflationary bear markets spell trouble for investors.
  13. Understanding our current monetary system and Bitcoin's value proposition.
  14. Introducing: Crypto Bros, this one's for you - the Bitcoin watch from Jacob & Co.
  15. There is a new platform for Bitcoin-backed borrowing, and it is courting banks to lend.
  16. El Salvador had a Bitcoin revolution, but hardly anybody showed up.
  17. Are Bitcoin transactions anonymous and traceable?
  18. The Bitcoin bottom - are we there yet? Analysts discuss the factors impacting BTC price.
  19. Bitcoin market dominance plumbs 4-year lows as BTC price ditches $20K.
  20. Saylor gets sued, FBI warns about DeFi exploits and Crypto.com drops $495M sponsorship: Hodler's Digest, Aug. 28-Sept. 3.
  21. Crypto's adaptability and openness are key to an ideal monetary system, say BIS execs.
  22. Bitcoin 'revolution' a work in progress.
  23. How the merge will change Ether's supply-demand dynamics as miners get phased out.
  24. A year into El Salvador's grand crypto experiment, 'no one really talks about Bitcoin here anymore.'
  25. Nobel laureate Paul Krugman has slammed bitcoin as pointless, wasteful, and in large part a Ponzi scheme. Here are the economist's 12 best quotes about crypto over the past decade.
  26. Bitcoin (BTC) must make it past this threshold to bounce back.
  27. Weekend reading: ideas to change the world.
  28. MATIC climbs 6% after Robinhood support for Polygon POS chain.