The Fate of the Market: Cryptocurrency Now Braced For A Fed Earthquake

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Zero-knowledge proofs have been gaining traction as a way to guarantee compliance for DeFi adoption. Meanwhile, North Korea's Crypto Hackers are said to be paving the road to nuclear Armageddon. Also in the news, Has the Ethereum Merge Killed Cryptocurrency Mining For Good? And Shutting Off Fed 'Money Printer' Leaves Bitcoiners Out of Sorts.


  • How compliance will be guaranteed for DeFi adoption with zero-knowledge proofs
  • Why you shouldn’t buy the RTX 4090 on release day because it may not be worth the price
  • Going where BeOS NetPositive hasn't gone before: NetPositive+ is an improved version of the BeOS web browser
  • North Korea's Crypto Hackers Are Paving the Road to Nuclear Armageddon by stealing funds to finance their nuclear program
  • Has the Ethereum Merge Killed Cryptocurrency Mining For Good? by making it more difficult to mine Ethereum
  • Shutting Off Fed 'Money Printer' Leaves Bitcoiners Out of Sorts by making it more difficult to buy Bitcoin
  • This Dividend Stock Just Got Good News: Should You Buy the Dip? by analyzing a company's recent stock news
  • Deciding ‘The Fate Of This Market’—Crypto Now Braced For A Fed Earthquake As The Price Of Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB, XRP, Solana, Cardano And Dogecoin Swing by predicting how the Fed's actions will affect the cryptocurrency market
  • ‘Get Your Money Out Right Now’—Elon Musk And PayPal Mafia Lead ‘Insanity’ Backlash Against Shock Blunder That’s The ‘Best Thing’ To Ever Happen To Bitcoin And Crypto by criticizing a recent decision that could hurt the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency markets
  • Even the Team at Meta Doesn’t Play Horizon Worlds by Horizon Worlds being a bad game
  • Bitcoin Mining Is Cool Again; We Can Thank Africa, Prudence and Growing Hashrate for That by the fact that more people are mining Bitcoin and that it is becoming more profitable
  • CoinEx, the Official Sponsor of RLWC 2021, Fires up the Audience in Manchester by sponsoring a major Rugby League event
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  • Shutting Off Fed ‘Money Printer’ Leaves Bitcoiners Out of Sorts by making it more difficult to buy Bitcoin
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