North Korea's Crypto Hackers Paving the Road to Nuclear Armageddon




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It's been a busy week in the world of cryptocurrency, with North Korea's crypto hackers making headlines, and the Ethereum merge causing some miners to worry about the future of their industry. Meanwhile, traditional banks are struggling to keep up with the demand from savers, and Bitcoin prices have remained relatively stable despite headwinds from the Fed. Here's a look at some of the week's top stories.


  • North Korea's Crypto Hackers Are Paving the Road to Nuclear Armageddon: North Korea is using Bitcoin to fund its nuclear program, according to a new report.
  • Has the Ethereum Merge Killed Cryptocurrency Mining For Good?: The long-awaited merge of Ethereum's main network and its proof-of-stake testnet has finally happened, and some are already declaring that it marks the end of cryptocurrency mining as we know it.
  • Shutting Off Fed 'Money Printer' Leaves Bitcoiners Out of Sorts: The U.S. Federal Reserve's decision to halt its quantitative easing program has sent shockwaves through the Bitcoin community.
  • 2 Growth Stocks That Could Beat the Market Over the Next 5 Years: These two stocks have the potential to outperform the market over the next five years.
  • Do Bitcoin And Gold Still Look Vulnerable?: Bitcoin and gold have both been on a tear lately, but some analysts say they may be due for a fall.
  • Deciding ‘The Fate Of This Market’—Crypto Now Braced For A Fed Earthquake As The Price Of Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB, XRP, Solana, Cardano And Dogecoin Swing: The Federal Reserve's meeting this week could have a big impact on the cryptocurrency market.
  • Bitcoin Prices Maintain Relative Stability Even As Fed Policies Create Headwinds: Bitcoin prices have been relatively stable even as the Fed's policies have created headwinds for the cryptocurrency.
  • ‘Get Your Money Out Right Now’—Elon Musk And PayPal Mafia Lead ‘Insanity’ Backlash Against Shock Blunder That’s The ‘Best Thing’ To Ever Happen To Bitcoin And Crypto: PayPal's decision to shut down its account with major cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has sparked a backlash from the Bitcoin community.
  • Iranian Bitcoin Advocate Ziya Sadr Arrested by Iranian Security Forces: Ziya Sadr, an advocate for Bitcoin in Iran, has been arrested by the country's security forces.
  • South Carolina Delegation Goes On Bitcoin Exploratory Trip To El Salvador: A delegation from the state of South Carolina is in El Salvador to explore the possibility of using Bitcoin as a payment system.
  • Traditional Banks Are Failing Everyday Savers. Bitcoin Is The Alternative: Traditional banks are failing to provide adequate returns for savers, but Bitcoin is offering a viable alternative.
  • Self-proclaimed ‘socialist’ to ‘red pill’ anti-lockdown crusader: What are Elon Musk’s politics?: Elon Musk has been all over the political map, from self-proclaimed socialist to anti-lockdown crusader.
  • Bitcoin Mining Is Cool Again; We Can Thank Africa, Prudence and Growing Hashrate for That: Bitcoin mining is becoming popular again, thanks to Africa, prudence, and a growing hashrate.
  • Sovryn Secured Funds Led by General Catalyst: Sovryn, a crypto lending platform, has secured $5 million in funding led by General Catalyst.
  • Mr. Sun Yuchen Invited to Serve as First Huobi Global Advisory Board Member: Huobi Global has invited Sun Yuchen to serve on its advisory board.
  • Huobi Global announces Global Advisory Board: Huobi Global has announced a Global Advisory Board.
  • Everest gang demands $200K for data stolen from South Africa state-owned electricity company ESKOM: The Everest gang has demanded $200,000 for data stolen from South Africa's state-owned electricity company, ESKOM.
  • FTX partners with Visa, BNB Chain suffers exploit and Elon Musk returns to $44B Twitter deal: Hodler’s Digest, Oct. 2-8: FTX partners with Visa, BNB Chain suffers exploit, and Elon Musk returns to $44B Twitter deal.
  • How former gymnast Lisa Carmen Wang created a new investment pipeline for female founders: Lisa Carmen Wang, a former gymnast, has created a new investment pipeline for female founders.
  • Shutting Off Fed ‘Money Printer’ Leaves Bitcoiners Out of Sorts: The U.S. Federal Reserve's decision to halt its quantitative easing program has sent shockwaves through the Bitcoin community.
  • Don’t Miss the 2022 Canadian Financial Summit: The Canadian Financial Summit is a must-attend event for anyone interested in the future of finance.
  • Fake adult sites push data wipers disguised as ransomware: Fake adult sites are pushing data-wiping malware disguised as ransomware.
  • Bitcoin Whale Ratio Surges Up As Leverage Remains High: The ratio of Bitcoin whales to other holders has surged upwards as leverage remains high.
  • 7 Technologies that are disrupting the finance industry: Blockchain, AI, and other technologies are disrupting the finance industry.
  • XRP Gets 60% Boost In Last 30