Russia scrambles to reconnect supply lines to Crimea after bridge explosion

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Today's headlines include news from Russia, Iran, and Burger King. In Russia, a bridge explosion has cut off supply lines to Crimea. In Iran, protests are continuing and challenging the Islamic Republic. Burger King's new CEO is working to improve the chain's reputation in the United States.


  1. Russia Scrambles to Reconnect Supply Lines to Crimea After Bridge Explosion
  • After an explosion destroyed a key bridge linking Crimea to the Russian mainland, Russian authorities are scrambling to restore supply lines to the peninsula.
  • The blast, which occurred late on Sunday night, has cut off Crimea's land connection to Russia, leaving the peninsula reliant on air and sea transport for supplies.
  • The Russian government has dispatched over 400 trucks carrying food and other essential supplies to Crimea, and is working to repair the damaged bridge.
  1. Iran Protests Proving Durable Challenge to Islamic Republic...
  • Protests against the Iranian government show no signs of abating, despite a crackdown by security forces that has left over 300 people dead.
  • The demonstrations, which began in late December, were sparked by economic frustration but have morphed into a broad challenge to the Islamic Republic's political system.
  • Iranian authorities have responded to the protests with a mix of repression and concessions, but so far the unrest shows no signs of subsiding.
  1. Burger King’s New U.S. CEO Seeks to Restore Chain’s Luster
  • Burger King's new U.S. CEO, Chris Finazzo, is seeking to restore the fast-food chain's luster after a period of decline.
  • Finazzo, who took over in August, has instituted a number of changes aimed at turning around the struggling chain, including investing in new restaurant locations and revamping the menu.
  • So far, the results have been mixed, with same-store sales still falling but traffic showing signs of improvement.