The Upcoming Release Of Bitcoin Core 24.0




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Cryptocurrency and blockchain news has been dominated by a few key stories in the past 24 hours. A new trailer for the upcoming film "Coin: A Founder's Story" has been released, putting a positive spin on the industry. Chinese crypto mogul Li Sells has sold his stake in exchange operator Huobi. And finally, could Shiba Inu help you become a millionaire? Let's take a closer look.


  • A trailer for the upcoming film "Coin: A Founder's Story" portrays the cryptocurrency industry in a positive light.
  • The "Bitcoin Pre-Genesis Block" is a block of data that was created before the first block of the Bitcoin blockchain.
  • Chinese cryptocurrency tycoon Li Xiaolai has sold his stake in Huobi, one of the world's largest cryptocurrency exchanges.
  • The Shiba Inu cryptocurrency has seen a surge in popularity, and some investors believe it could help them become millionaires.
  • The Federal Reserve has warned that the current "crypto winter" could last for some time, and that Bitcoin and Ethereum prices could continue to fall.
  • Some analysts believe that Bitcoin and Ethereum were being used as potential inflation hedges, but what went wrong?
  • Polen Capital's "ADP Continues to Deliver Steady Business Performance" report.
  • The upcoming release of Bitcoin Core 24.0.
  • How incorporating Bitcoin into architecture could revolutionize sustainable living.
  • Creating hope in a business owner's life with Bitcoin adoption.
  • The Federal Reserve versus the UN and OPEC.
  • Jim Jones tells weed business owners to act now after Biden announces pardons.
  • Scammers make off with $100 million from world's largest crypto exchange.
  • NYCC '22: CHRIS GILIBERTI talks ZESTWORLD, commission percentages, and his take on NFTs.
  • Commentary: America is history's most successful failing state.
  • Belarus to stop inflation by simply banning consumer price increases.
  • BNB holders should brace for this trend reversal - happy days over?
  • Dogecoin tanks after gaining momentum, will it mark new gains?
  • This data shows Ethereum whales are manipulating ETH prices, is that true?
  • Binance-linked network hacked, over $570 million in losses recorded.
  • New geopolitical blocs will govern the future.
  • Will Mt. Gox release the 140K BTC on January 2023? Repayment methods revealed.
  • How these 5 new crypto bagged $50 billion in market value in less than a week.
  • Avast Decryption Tool for MafiaWare666
  • Crypto mining roundup: Bitcoin production slips in September, hashrate climbs.
  • Is this Satoshi Nakamoto's long lost earliest version of the Bitcoin code?
  • Public Bitcoin miners plan to grow hashrate 50% by end of 2022.
  • Why Bitcoin social mention is increasing while Ethereum's drops following merge.
  • India releases 50-page CBDC report - good or bad for the country's crypto?