NASA Aims For Saturday Launch Of New Moon Rocket After Fixes

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Today's headlines include a debate about the politicization of the military, NASA's plans to launch a new moon rocket, and an expansion of the College Football Playoff format.


  • The Marines at Biden's speech have prompted a debate about politicizing the military.
  • NASA is aiming for a Saturday launch of its new moon rocket after fixing some issues.
  • Gustavo Petro says that an attack on police is a 'clear sabotage of the total peace.'
  • The College Football Playoff will be expanding to a 12-team format.
  • Elliott Heads farmland is to be developed into a South Beach master-planned community.
  • NASA says that conditions are favorable for a second launch attempt of the Artemis Rocket.
  • Biden is seeking $47B for Ukraine, COVID-19, monkeypox, and disasters.
  • Microsoft is letting Sony have 'several more years' of Call of Duty, as a treat.
  • Wall Street ended the week on a down note as the jobs report gain faded.
  • The US Open live updates showed that Serena Williams met Australian Ajla Tomljanović in the third round of the final grand slam tournament.
  • Tennessee woman was abducted and forced into an SUV while running in Memphis, police say.
  • Tuchel discusses the dates for Aubameyang's debut.
  • The FBI found more than 11,000 government records at Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago, unsealed records show.
  • Freedom Convoy Canada: Court asked to unfreeze cash.
  • Amazon Prime Video suspends 'The Rings of Power' user ratings after 'review bombing' occurs.
  • Webb telescope captures its first image of an exoplanet.
  • Nord Stream 1: Gazprom announces indefinite shutdown of pipeline.
  • Argentina VP Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner's would-be killer had 100 bullets in his home.
  • The government has increased the skilled migrant cap to 195,000. So what do those who want or hold a visa think about it?