Two Faces of China's Surveillance State, New Duke Energy CFO, and More

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Welcome to the news. In today's headlines, we cover the two faces of China's surveillance state, a new Duke Energy CFO, Biden's response to Trump and allies, record high turkey prices, the USA stopping Iran, the IRS exposing confidential taxpayer data, the Pentagon aiming to speed arms sales, Russia shutting down the Nord Stream pipeline, conservative social-media app Parler returning to Google's app store, CVS being in advanced talks to buy Signify Health, the Veterans Affairs providing abortion services, and GM offering franchise buyouts to U.S. Buick dealers.


  • The surveillance state in China has two faces: one that is oppressive and one that is innovative.
  • The new Duke Energy CFO is taking over at a time when the company is considering selling its renewables business.
  • Biden says that Trump and his allies are threatening America's democracy.
  • Record turkey prices could make for a fowl Thanksgiving.
  • The USA has stopped Iran from seizing naval drones.
  • The IRS has exposed confidential taxpayer data on its website.
  • The Pentagon is aiming to speed up arms sales to allies.
  • Russia is keeping the Nord Stream pipeline shut, citing mechanical problems.
  • The conservative social-media app Parler has returned to Google's App Store.
  • CVS is in advanced talks to buy Signify Health.
  • The Veterans Affairs is providing abortion services for health dangers, rape and incest.
  • GM is offering franchise buyouts to U.S. Buick dealers.