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Today's News

Welcome to today's news. In today's headlines, we stretch inventory logic at Lululemon, BlackCat is behind Italy's GSE hacking, Freedom Convoy Canada is asking for cash to be unfrozen, and Web3 could be huge.


  • Lululemon's inventory logic
  • The impact of ransomware on Italy's GSE
  • How to determine the value of an NFT
  • The potential of Web3
  • An interview with Vitalik Buterin
  • An overview of the OptiFi code snafu
  • The lawsuit between Apple and a developer
  • A review of Destroy All Humans 2
  • Crypto.com pulling out of the UCL
  • How sports and crypto are still investing in each other
  • The future of hologram meetings
  • How traders are preparing for the release of the jobs data
  • Why Celsius is leading crypto higher
  • The reasons Shiba Inu won't reach $1
  • An overview of NFTs
  • Bitcoin's price and the rise of Ethereum
  • The history of esports
  • The findings of a study on crypto data
  • Binance's Ethereum price game-changer
  • Martin Shkreli's plans after jail
  • Animoca Brands' thoughts on the future of Web3