Morale is plummeting in Putin's private army as Russia's war in Ukraine falters




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  1. The Tucci family is famous for their dish, which is a combination of pasta, chicken, and vegetables.
  2. Myles Sanderson was the only killer in Canada mass stabbings, and his brother was a victim, police say.
  3. Sara Lee, former WWE wrestler and 'Tough Enough' winner, dead at 30.
  4. 'Super Mario Bros. Movie' teaser trailer shows first look at Chris Pratt as Mario.
  5. Another supply chain crisis: Barge traffic halted on Mississippi River by lowest water levels in a decade.
  6. Summit area of Mauna Loa volcano closed because of increased seismic activity.
  7. Morale is plummeting in Putin's private army as Russia's war in Ukraine falters.
  8. Trial of Lori Vallow, who is accused of killing her 2 children, is delayed for new competency examination.
  9. Russian and Ukrainian human rights groups win Nobel Peace Prize.
  10. New social media video shows Russian recruits sleeping on yoga mats.
  11. Updated Covid-19 boosters are the 'most important thing' Americans can do for their health today, official says.
  12. Bolsonaro speeds up payments to the poor as election looms.
  13. Haiti government asks for international military assistance.
  14. Japanese journalist sentenced to 10 years in Myanmar prison, official says.
  15. This is how pythons can devour enormous prey.
  16. What to expect from Friday's jobs report.
  17. Why the multiverse is the movie fantasy for our times.
  18. Why is North Korea firing so many missiles -- and should the West be worried?
  19. Hurricane Ian deals a devastating blow to the uninsured.
  20. The Italian town where half the population is called Tucci.
  21. Hong Kong's U-turn on quarantine is a sign Beijing still needs its gate to the West.
  22. Cathay Pacific is facing 'unprecedented staffing' shortages, warns top union in Hong Kong.
  23. 'Generational talent' Victor Wembanyama grabs attention of NBA after US trip.
  24. CNN rides along with mental health crisis response team.
  25. Residents feel forgotten after Ian wreaked havoc on their community.
  26. What Kim Kardashian's SEC fine means for other celebrities.
  27. Yayoi Kusama's yellow pumpkin sculpture is back on Naoshima Island, Japan.
  28. The Fed doesn't have a choice anymore. Get ready for a recession.
  29. Facing risk of blackouts this winter, the UK will drill for more oil.
  30. Kanye West on shirt decision: 'Idea of me wearing it was funny'.