Accidentally Sends Woman $10.5 Million Instead of $100

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Today's top stories in the cryptocurrency world include a major exchange being sued for mistakenly sending a woman $10 million, another exchange being pressed by Congress for details on how it combats scams, and a well-known figure in the industry giving his thoughts on the current state of the market.


  • someone was mistakenly refunded $7.2 million by
  • Congress is investigating cryptocurrency exchanges for details on how they are fighting scams
  • gave a woman a $10.5 million refund by mistake and now wants the money back
  • OpenSea removed hackers from its platform for claiming to mint NFTs of a Belarusian dictator's stolen passport
  • a crypto exchange is suing a woman after sending her $10 million by mistake
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  • accidentally sent a woman $10.5 million instead of $100
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