US firearm homicide and suicide rates reach highest levels since the 1990s, according to CDC data




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The United States is facing some troubling statistics in terms of firearm homicide and suicide rates, while an Italian region is hoping to attract visitors with a unique offer. A rare Mondrian painting is also up for auction, and Ford has raised the price on its electric F-150 truck. Meanwhile, Peloton has laid off hundreds of employees in a bid to 'save' the company.


  • The 2021 US firearm homicide and suicide rates were the highest since the 1990s, according to CDC data.
  • This Italian region is offering to pay people to visit.
  • A Mondrian painting is expected to fetch more than $50 million in a rare auction.
  • The pie that sparks lawsuits and more of America's best desserts.
  • Ford has raised the price on the electric F-150 again.
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  • Toyota has finally found a way to keep wheels from falling off its electric SUV.
  • A federal court has temporarily blocked parts of New York's gun law.
  • More than 2.5 million US middle and high school students say they currently use e-cigarettes, according to research.
  • Hong Kong is offering 500,000 free air tickets to tempt tourists back.
  • Peloton has laid off hundreds in its latest bid to 'save' the company.
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  • One man was killed and two journalists were injured during an Israeli military raid in the West Bank.
  • Uganda's president has apologized to Kenya for his son's ill-advised invasion tweets.
  • Taiwan's defense minister says the country will treat Chinese military flights into its airspace as 'first strike.'
  • Porsche has overtaken Volkswagen as the most valuable carmaker in Europe.
  • US mortgage rates take a breather after rising for several weeks in a row.
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  • Some Chinese cities are facing record-breaking heat. Elsewhere, snowfall comes early.
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  • 'Scrubs' producer charged with multiple counts of sexual assault.
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