Celsius' Top 3 Execs Cashed Out $42M in Crypto Before Bankruptcy

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It's been a busy day in the world of news and finance, with plenty of stories to catch up on. Here are some of the biggest headlines from Thursday, October 7th.


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  • The implications of recent decisions by platforms like Twitter and Instagram to allow or ban certain types of content
  • How cryptocurrency is being used by some companies to avoid bankruptcy
  • Why stocks are slipping and what this could mean for the job market
  • What OPEC's recent production cuts could mean for the global economy
  • How the rise of digital humans in online spaces like the Metaverse will be affected by blockchain technology
  • Announcement of a new cryptocurrency wallet
  • How a change in policy by the website Meta caused 700 non-profit websites to be blocked
  • The launch of a new skincare line by Kim Kardashian
  • Tips for thriving in a "crypto winter" from Animoca Brands' Yat Siu
  • A discussion of the reversibility of cryptocurrency
  • How the recent rise in crypto prices has affected the industry
  • Animoca Brands' move from gaming studio to cryptocurrency venture capital
  • Why shares of Silvergate Capital are falling
  • Whether or not Terra Luna deserves a second chance in portfolios
  • What Coinbase's CEO said in a recent interview
  • Why Ethereum is a better investment than Shiba Inu
  • What Gen Z and Millennial investors should know about fractional real estate
  • The major U.S. layoff announcements of the week
  • How the SEC's expansion of the 80 percent "names rule" will impact ESG funds
  • How the fashion industry is changing with the times
  • Why crypto is outperforming stocks and bonds in Q3