Peloton to Cut Another 500 Jobs in Last Bid for Turnaround

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With schools starting back up again and many people working from home, the computer market has taken a severe hit, with AMD cutting its revenue forecast. In other news, natural gas prices have been volatile, and this has caused Shell to brace for a profit hit. Additionally, schools have been facing an increase in gun confiscations, shootings, and hoaxes. A survey has also found that U.S. diplomats face widespread discrimination and harassment. Finally, gasoline prices are climbing again, and they may get worse. Peloton is also cutting 500 jobs in a last bid for turnaround, and TikTok parent ByteDance sees losses swell in push for growth.


-AMD cuts revenue forecast due to decreasing PC shipments

  • Shell prepares for financial loss from volatile gas prices and increased costs
  • Schools see rise in gun confiscations, shootings, and hoaxes
  • U.S. diplomats experience discrimination and harassment, according to internal survey
  • Gasoline prices in the U.S. are increasing and may continue to do so
  • Peloton announces another round of 500 job cuts in attempt to turn company around
  • TikTok parent company ByteDance sees significant financial losses, but continues to push for growth
  • Biden plans to pardon people convicted of marijuana possession