Crypto crash: how a teacher's dream investment turned into a nightmare loss




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Cryptocurrencies and central bank policy were in the news today, with reports on the Central African Republic's top court blocking purchases with a new cryptocurrency, and Fed Chair Jerome Powell's comments on inflation and interest rates. In other news, investors are grappling with the possibility of higher interest rates, and some are pouring money into web3 technology.


  • The Central African Republic's top court has blocked purchases with a new cryptocurrency, stating that it violates the country's monetary laws.
  • Morning Bid: Powell steals summer punchbowl refers to the fact that Jerome Powell, the Chairman of the United States Federal Reserve, has effectively stolen the summer punchbowl by keeping interest rates low and boosting asset prices.
  • Cryptocurrency ethereum plans to cut carbon emissions by 99% with upgrade - Ethereum plans to reduce its carbon emissions by 99% through a planned upgrade.
  • Crypto crash: how a teacher’s dream investment turned into a nightmare loss - A teacher invested in cryptocurrency, only to see the value of his investment plummet.
  • US stocks drop as bond yields rise amid investor concerns over renewed Fed hawkishness - US stocks fell as bond yields rose, amid concerns that the Federal Reserve may raise interest rates sooner than expected.
  • US stocks fall to extend Friday's steep declines as investors grapple with hawkish Fed policy outlook - US stocks fell further on Monday as investors grappled with the possibility of higher interest rates.
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  • Bitcoin drops below $20,000 over concerns on Fed rate hikes - Bitcoin's price dropped below $20,000 as investors worried about the possibility of higher interest rates.
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