PayPal Scams, Kim Kardashian's SEC Fine, and Other Crypto News

Today's News

Welcome to today's edition of the news. In today's headlines, we have stories about PayPal scams, the MENA region emerging as the world's fastest-growing adopter of cryptocurrencies, and Kim Kardashian paying a crypto-related fine to the SEC. We also have stories about Ray Dalio exiting Bridgewater, US stocks falling after the biggest two-day rally since 2020, and Titan going beyond robo-advisor apps to help you invest smarter. Lastly, we have stories about the FDA wanting to stop companies from putting CBD in everything, Elon Musk offering to buy Twitter again for $44 million, and hackers exploiting Beeple's Discord server to drain wallets.


  • PayPal scams people have fallen for
  • The growth of crypto adoption in the MENA region
  • Kim Kardashian's crypto-related fine
  • Ray Dalio's departure from Bridgewater
  • Analysis of the stock market's recent performance
  • A new robo-advisor app
  • The FDA's stance on CBD
  • Possibilities for Twitter under Elon Musk's leadership
  • Hackers exploit Beeple Discord server
  • The state of creator-focused startups
  • 3 altcoins to watch out for
  • Ethereum's key features
  • A former Google CEO's thoughts on crypto
  • The case for investing in Uniswap
  • The Porsche IPO
  • Cardano's big upgrade
  • The latest iPhone news
  • The best online pokies in Australia
  • Crypto scammers fighting amongst themselves
  • The business impact of Web3