Bitcoin, PayPal Scams, and Celebrity Crypto Ventures




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Today's headlines cover a wide range of topics, from scams and digital currencies to celebrities and stock market movements. Here's a look at some of the top stories.


  • PayPal scams that people have fallen for
  • A blueprint for a central bank digital currency network
  • Kim Kardashian's crypto-related fine
  • Recent crypto ventures by high-profile celebrities
  • US stocks and the Fed
  • Android VPN apps
  • Top cryptocurrencies to watch
  • Altcoins to buy
  • The Porsche IPO
  • Online pokies in Australia
  • A sentencing for a NetWalker ransomware affiliate
  • Elon Musk's plans for Twitter
  • Bitcoin speculation
  • Web3 gaming
  • A registry of crypto firms in Italy
  • A Canadian sentenced for ransomware attacks
  • A $5 bitcoin purchase
  • South Carolina state treasurer's trip to El Salvador
  • Why stablecoins are important
  • How nation-states will use Bitcoin
  • The EU's text of a landmark Bitcoin, crypto bill
  • Ross Ulbricht's case