The Top Five Building Blocks of the Future Family Office

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Welcome to the news roundup for August 29th, 2022. Today, we'll be discussing a range of topics, including a web3 DNS provider that could lose its domain, the seven signs that you could be spending more of your retirement money, and whether crypto libertarians can learn to love climate tech. We'll also be taking a look at the CEO of Ragnarok who admits to treasury mismanagement, as well as the FWB Fest, which is attended by Friends With Benefits social club members hoping to change the way people use blockchain tech.


  • Web3 DNS Provider Could Lose Its Domain. The Only Person Who Can Renew It is In Jail: A web3 DNS provider could lose its domain name if the only person who can renew it, is currently in jail.
  • 7 Signs You Could Be Spending More of Your Retirement Money: There are seven signs that you may be spending more money than you should be during retirement.
  • Can crypto libertarians learn to love climate tech?: Can those who strongly believe in crypto-currencies also support climate tech?
  • CEO of Ragnarok admits to treasury mismanagement: The CEO of Ragnarok, an online game, has admitted to poor management of the company's finances.
  • A look at FWB Fest, dubbed the "crypto Woodstock", attended by Friends With Benefits social club members hoping to change the way people use blockchain tech (Taylor Lorenz/Washington Post): An overview of the FWB Fest, an event attended by those hoping to change how blockchain technology is used.
  • Will MercadoLibre's Crypto Bet Pay Off?: MercadoLibre, a large e-commerce site in Latin America, has started to accept cryptocurrency. Will this move pay off?
  • 3 No-Brainer Reasons to Buy Ethereum Before The Merge: There are three good reasons to buy Ethereum before the merge of the two main Ethereum networks.
  • 3 Tech Stocks With More Potential Than Any Cryptocurrency: There are three technology stocks that have more potential than any cryptocurrency.
  • 2 No-Brainer Cryptocurrencies to Buy Before the Bear Market Ends: There are two cryptocurrencies that are a good buy before the bear market ends.
  • 3 Tech Stocks Down 50% or More to Buy Now: Three technology stocks that are down 50% or more, and therefore a good buy.
  • Crypto Accounting Matters, And Tether Is (Finally) Moving In The Right Direction: Crypto accounting is important, and Tether is making progress in the right direction.
  • Gensler Says Crypto Treated Just Like The Market; 200 SEC Lawsuits Say Otherwise.: Gary Gensler, chair of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, says that cryptocurrencies are treated just like other markets, but 200 lawsuits say otherwise.
  • Crypto Braced For A $2.7 Billion September ‘Black Swan’ After $1 Trillion Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB, XRP, Solana, Cardano And Dogecoin Price Crash: The crypto market is bracing for a $2.7 billion September after a price crash of $1 trillion.
  • The Five Building Blocks Of The Future Family Office: The five building blocks of the future family office are explained.
  • 2 Double-Digit High-Yielding REITs I'm Buying: Two REITs that offer a high yield and are a good buy.
  • Ethereum crypto overhaul targets environmental impact: Ethereum is aiming to reduce its environmental impact with a number of changes.
  • Divide Emerges Between Retail, Pros on How to Play Ether Upgrade: There is a divide between those in the cryptocurrency community on how to best play the upcoming Ethereum upgrade.
  • The Newly Launched $RBTR from RBTR Token Alters the Perceptions of Cryptocurrencies: The newly launched $RBTR from RBTR Token is changing the way people think about cryptocurrencies.
  • 10 Best Stocks to Invest Your $1000 According to Reddit: Reddit users share their top 10 stocks to invest in with $1000.
  • Bills’ Matt Barkely on punt: ‘It is not something I’ve ever practiced’: Buffalo Bills player Matt Barkley says that he has never practiced punting before.
  • Northrop Grumman continues B-2 Spirit modernization program: Northrop Grumman is continuing its modernization program for the B-2 Spirit bomber.
  • Iceberg Lettuce $1: Iceberg lettuce is currently selling for $1.
  • The number of crypto billionaires is growing fast, here’s why: The number of crypto billionaires is growing rapidly, and this article explains why.
  • Top 10 most Googled questions about cryptocurrency and its implication: The top 10 most Googled questions about cryptocurrencies and their implications are answered.
  • GameFi investors are now prioritizing fun factor over money: Survey: GameFi investors are now more interested in the fun factor than the money.
  • MakerDAO co-founder recommends DAI-USD depegging to limit attack surface: MakerDAO co-founder says that DAI should be depegged from USD to limit attack surface.
  • Bitcoin threatens 20-month low monthly close with BTC price under $20K: Bitcoin is threatening a 20-month low monthly close with the BTC price under $20,000.
  • Why interoperability is the key to blockchain technology’s mass adoption: Interoper