Chicago to Convert Famous Business District Office Buildings to Apartments

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In today's news, there is a story about prosecutors alleging that someone was planning an armed rebellion. Another story is about a famous business district in Chicago that is being converted into apartments. The 2022 college football season is also making headlines for coach firings. In addition, there are stories about the tech industry, General Atlantic expanding its tech-buyout strategy, and Bolsonaro's re-election campaign. Finally, there are stories about job openings in the US falling in August and North Korea launching a missile over Japan.


  • Planned for Armed Rebellion, Prosecutors Say:
    • prosecutors allege that a group was planning an armed rebellion, though no specific details are given
  • Chicago to Convert Famous Business District Office Buildings to Apartments:
    • Chicago is planning to convert some of its famous office buildings in its business district into apartments
  • The 2022 College Football Season Is Setting Records—in Coach Firings:
    • The college football season is off to a record-setting start in terms of coach firings
  • Tech Stocks Face New Blow as Strong Dollar Threatens Earnings:
    • The strong dollar is threatening the earnings of tech stocks
  • General Atlantic Expands Tech-Buyout Strategy:
    • General Atlantic is expanding its tech-focused buyout strategy
  • Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro Gets Second Shot at Re-Election:
    • Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro is up for re-election
  • U.S. Job Openings Fell in August:
    • The number of job openings in the US fell in August
  • North Korea Launches Missile Over Japan:
    • North Korea launches a missile over Japan
  • Dow Surges More Than 800 Points in Second Day of Big Gains:
    • The Dow surges more than 800 points in the second day of big gains
  • Facebook Parent Meta to Shrink Some Offices as It Adapts to Hybrid Work:
    • Facebook is shrinking some of its offices as it adapts to hybrid work
  • Micron to Spend Up to $100 Billion on Chip Factory in New York:
    • Micron is planning to spend up to $100 billion on a chip factory in New York
  • Apple Suppliers Add Manufacturing Sites in U.S., With Focus on California:
    • Apple suppliers are adding manufacturing sites in the US, with a focus on California