Why Bitcoin dropped below $20,000 again and what experts say is next for the volatile cryptocurrency




Today's News

Welcome to our news roundup for today. In today's headlines, we see a continuation of the crypto sell-off that began last week, with Bitcoin dipping below $20,000. We also see the SEC questioning Grayscale's legal stance on Stellar, Zcash, and Horizen crypto trusts. Finally, we see bear market uncertainty driving some crypto companies to focus on building and learning.


  • Bitcoin falls to below $20000
  • Twitter's whistleblower appears at inopportune moment
  • Mark Zuckerberg admits to censorship at the request of FBI
  • Ex-Bond star who switched to crypto career is unfazed by layoffs
  • Why Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Solana dropped on Saturday
  • Is it still possible to become a millionaire with crypto?
  • 'Massive interest' and 'incredible returns' - why some suddenly think now is a good time to buy Bitcoin amid $1 trillion crypto price crash
  • Bitcoin falls below $20,000 amid recession fears
  • SEC questions Grayscale's legal stance on Stellar, Zcash and Horizen crypto trusts
  • Sonic Sphere and Empyrean Gate
  • How countries could try to kill Bitcoin adoption
  • Energy, currency, and deglobalization warning signs
  • Bitcoin dips below $20,000
  • SEC questions Grayscale's legal stance on Stellar, Zcash and Horizen crypto trusts
  • Should you still consider buying Coinbase (COIN) shares?
  • Bitcoin price briefly loses $20K on 'bunch of nothing' Powell speech
  • Pro-blockchain narratives hinder Bitcoin adoption, says StackinSat founder
  • Mt. Gox rumors panic Bitcoin Twitter as BTC price returns below $20K
  • Bear market uncertainty is the perfect time to build and learn, says Sato exec
  • What is a seed phrase and why is it important?
  • US stocks lose $1.25T in a day - more than entire crypto market cap
  • Crypto will become an inflation hedge - just not yet
  • Blockchain audits: The steps to ensure a network is secure
  • How the Fed may be setting Wall Street up for another crash
  • Bitcoin dips below $20,000
  • Bitcoin dips below $20,000, extending second weekly retreat: 'Powell's admission that there will be pain before there is relief is rather hawkish'
  • Bitcoin, Ethereum sell-off deepens as fundamentals drive crypto lower
  • AdEx price gains 20% as market plunges, are bulls behind the pump?
  • Cardano price at $0.44 with strong strong, what's next?