Wages, bitcoin, and the economy: what to watch for in the jobs report




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The most important number to watch in the jobs report is the wage number. Wages are the most important number to watch.


  • The most important number to watch in the jobs report is wages
  • One of the smartest investors says to buy the dip on a top cryptocurrency
  • Analysts are mixed on whether now is the time to buy Ethereum
  • The stock market has seen a selloff in recent days
  • Some believe that the cryptocurrency market is due for a surprise earthquake
  • There is debate over whether sound money exists
  • Asian stocks are set to open cautiously after a September rout
  • A man claiming to be Peter Foster says he was in a love rivalry with Robbie Williams
  • It is predicted that stocks will head lower in the next year
  • The next few weeks are critical for the stock market and Bitcoin, according to one analyst
  • Bitcoin prices start the month of October down 0.7%
  • Sunrise host David Koch is left furious after being dragged into another online scam
  • The exchange outflows for Bitcoin have spiked up, signaling bullishness
  • Binance Coin (BNB) bulls are defending a key zone
  • Bitcoin is sitting on a gun powder and analysts are predicting it will explode
  • Quant (QNT) is markign positive movement even when major coins are facing dumps
  • Helium (HNT) is holding its gains amid market downtrend
  • T-Mobile has reached a $350 million settlement for a data breach
  • The State of Blockchain in Africa is explored in a memo
  • Binance rolls out a mining pool for ETHW with zero fee
  • NRL fans do the 'Bitcoin boogie' at the grand final
  • An Aussie bitcoin miner says the Merge confirms bitcoin's superiority
  • A crypto analyst warns that Bitcoin could witness a massive devaluation
  • Bitcoin can still go to zero, according to one analyst
  • The "Bitcoin on Cardano" project has updated its roadmap
  • Research suggests that low volume could cause Bitcoin price to plummet
  • Coin Cloud has expanded its commitment to digital currency through a new website
  • Bitcoin price is sideways in a range