Mustafa AydemirFounder, CEO

Discover Newsletters

The Discover feature allows users to browse through a selection of newsletters and subscribe to the ones that interest them. This is a great way to stay up-to-date on topics that are important to you, without having to sort through a lot of information that isn't relevant.


  • Emoji support for issues
  • Discover
    • Category filter
    • Price filter
    • Language filter
    • Frequency filter
    • Newsletter reviews
    • Sort by rating
    • Sort by date
    • New newsletter page design
    • Search mails in newsletter page

Bug fixes

  • Solved RSS feed issue
  • Hiding all links from the mails of the external newsletters
  • Hiding the sensitive data from the external newsletter public mails
  • Stopped browser notifications for blocked contacts
  • Stopped browser notifications for inactive emails
  • Some security updates
  • Issue where Inbox appears blank after filtering
  • Fixed empty inbox UI issue
  • Line problem in mails of PlainText type
  • Inbox scroll problem
  • Fixed 'Mark all as read' button