What to know about the ransomware attack on the Los Angeles Unified School District

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Welcome to today's edition of the news. In today's headlines, we have reports of Ukrainian forces encircling Russian soldiers near Donetsk, a new horror film promotion that is sure to creep you out, and the return of a stolen manuscript that dates back 1,000 years. We also have an update on the search for survivors of a plane crash in Washington, and a look at what's streaming in October. So be sure to stay with us for all the latest news.


1.The Ukraine military has encircled Russian forces near Donetsk, in a move that could overshadow Moscow's annexation of the region.
2. A new horror film is being promoted with creepy smiles at a baseball game.
3. The bodies of six passengers have been recovered from a float plane that crashed into Mutiny Bay, Washington.
4. A look at what's streaming in October.
5. UK Conservative Party Leader Liz Truss faces her party faithful after a disastrous week. Many fear defeat looms at the next election.
6. A Tesla robot slowly walks on stage at an AI event.
7. An opinion piece on the staggering toll of the constant state of emergency.
8. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis pivots from political battles in the aftermath of Hurricane Ian.
9. A manuscript that was stolen in 1917 has been returned to its rightful owners.
10. A Listeria outbreak has led to a recall of cheeses sold at a dozen retailers.
11. San Francisco is renaming a street after a man whose death shed light on the rise of anti-Asian hate.
12. How Spam became cool again.
13. Former President Jimmy Carter celebrates his 98th birthday.
14. A report finds widespread sexual harassment on Australia's Antarctic research bases.
15. South Korean President warns North over nuclear program.
16. Two concussions don't always add up to second impact syndrome.
17. As Hurricane Ian continues to weaken farther inland, recovery efforts are underway in Florida and South Carolina.
18. A man is fatally slashed during a dispute on a New York City subway train.
19.An opinion piece on the Supreme Court's legitimacy being in danger.
20. A look at the Disney+ sequel 'Hocus Pocus 2'.
21. Credit card interest rates are climbing. Here's how to tackle your debt.
22. The Los Angeles Unified School District says the cybercriminals behind a ransomware attack plan to release hacked data.
23. Amid global turmoil, superyachts are selling more than ever. Here's why.
24. As Brazil prepares to vote, a look at the candidates Bolsonaro and Lula.
25. The world's most spectacular airport is about to double in size.
26. Disney pulls its content from Dish and Sling TV over rate disagreement.
27. California Governor Gavin Newsom signs bill limiting the use of rap lyrics as evidence in criminal proceedings.
28. The steps of a Russian Orthodox cathedral in New York are splashed with red paint.
29. In the lone Texas gubernatorial debate, candidates Abbott and O'Rourke clash over gun restrictions.