Elon Musk Might Not Respond to Your Texts, Even When Offering Him Billions — And Other Fascinating Moments from the Twitter Court Case Text Dump

Today's News

Today's news includes reports on job cuts at Stanley Black & Decker, potentially admissions of wrongdoing from Wall Street, and the use of spyware against senior Indonesian officials. Other stories focus on the stock market, retail spending, and crypto currency.


  • Stanley Black & Decker is cutting approximately 1000 finance jobs.
  • U.S. CFTC Commissioner said that the agency must seek admissions of wrongdoing from Wall Street.
  • Exclusive: sources say that senior Indonesian officials were targeted by spyware last year.
  • EXCLUSIVE: JPMorgan is set to hire around 2000 engineers even as the economy softens.
  • US stocks fell on inflation data, capping off steep losses for September and the third quarter.
  • Here's what Apple's recent behavior can tell us about the broader stock market and consumer spending habits – and why a sell-off may be looming for retail traders.
  • Elon Musk might not respond to your texts, even when offered billions – and other fascinating moments from the Twitter court case text dump.
  • Juked: transparent comms gives hope to esports app seeking buyer.
  • Private texts reveal world's rich and famous groveling to Elon Musk.
  • 'The Rings of Power' episode 6 recap: trouble in the Southlands.
  • Interview With The Vampire definitely does not suck.
  • NFT trading volume has fallen 97% since the beginning of the year.
  • Indonesian officials targeted by spyware: sources.
  • Crypto is a notable quarterly performer with Bitcoin edging higher.
  • Your evening briefing: stocks are taking hits everywhere.
  • This soaring crypto just became an even better buy.
  • This event could help Bitcoin escape the crypto winter.
  • Bitcoin under $20,000 could be your last chance to buy the dip. Here's why.
  • This recent move by Amazon could be a game-changer for crypto.
  • Apple NFTs: everything you need to know.
  • Why the price of XRP is rising today.
  • 2 high growth stocks that are on sale now.
  • Brand Impact Awards 2022: all the winners revealed.
  • Open source software hijacked by North Korean hackers.
  • 12 industries and focuses set to be revolutionized by quantum computing.
  • Daily Dozen | Forbes: The Year Of Pricey Hotels; Student Loan Battle; Peloton Slips Gear.
  • What Nintendo's stock split means for investors.
  • This week in XR: new XR hardware from NReal and Lenovo.