Tiny kitten in Sarasota, Florida, is a Hurricane Ian survivor as shelter misses worst of storm

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  1. Hurricane Ian makes landfall in South Carolina, causing devastation and numerous fatalities.
  2. The new Italian prime minister, Giuseppe Conte, is compared to Donald Trump by political commentators.
  3. Investigators reveal that Debbie Collier's murder was premeditated and carried out with specific intent.
  4. Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa is expected to be released from the hospital and travel back to Miami after suffering a serious injury.
  5. Curt Schilling criticizes Michael Kay's coverage of Aaron Judge's 61st home run.
  6. A kitten in Sarasota, Florida, is identified as a Hurricane Ian survivor.
  7. Doctor burnout reaches an all-time high during the COVID pandemic, leading experts to call for change.
  8. NASA and SpaceX announce plans to study the feasibility of boosting the Hubble Space Telescope into higher orbit.
  9. Sean Hannity discusses the possibility of President Donald Trump's cognitive decline.
  10. Jim Jordan criticizes Merrick Garland's memo on whistleblowers.
  11. Geraldo Rivera expresses sympathy for Joe Biden.
  12. Virgin Atlantic announces new, woke uniform policy.
  13. Midterm momentum appears to be swinging back in favor of the Republican Party.
  14. The Nordstream Pipeline leaks, raising concerns about the environmental impact.
  15. TobyMac talks about surrendered to God.
  16. Russian President Vladimir Putin annexes four Ukrainian regions.
  17. Senator Ted Cruz kicks off his "Take Back America Tour" in battleground states.
  18. The Washington Post claims that a recession could be good for you.
  19. Bill Melugin responds to attacks against his reporting at the southern border.
  20. Dr. Nicole Saphier suggests that it is fair to ask Joe Biden to undergo a cognitive evaluation.
  21. The FBI arrests a pro-life activist.
  22. Special Report previews upcoming Friday edition.