Examining The Debate Around Bitcoin’s Role in Palestine




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It's been a busy day in the world of cryptocurrency and technology. Here are some of the biggest stories making headlines.


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  • Why economists believe that Bitcoin is worse for the environment than beef
  • How Bitcoin has performed in the past quarter compared to other cryptocurrencies
  • The expectations of a top JPMorgan banker for the IPO market in the near future
  • An upcoming event that could help Bitcoin recover from the current crypto winter
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  • Two high growth stocks that are currently on sale
  • The reason behind the price increase of XRP
  • What investors learned from the recent market crash
  • The implications of the first major Bitcoin mining bankruptcy
  • How market downturns can spur innovation
  • The effect of Bitcoin's seasonal bullishness on the current market
  • A plea from the Futures Industry Group to not penalize cryptocurrencies in banking regulation
  • The performance of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in September
  • The findings of a Basel study on banks' exposure to crypto assets
  • A market wrap-up of the week's cryptocurrency performance
  • The effect of deglobalization on cryptocurrencies
  • Where venture capitalists are investing in Bitcoin companies
  • The building of Bitcoin communities in the Philippines
  • A criticism of the "elite" and their impact on society
  • MicroStrategy's plans to hire a Bitcoin engineer to build a Lightning Network platform
  • The debate around Bitcoin's role in Palestine
  • The performance of Bitcoin and Ethereum amid a tech stock meltdown
  • The split between the US and EU on tech policy and its effect on the internet
  • Big tech companies' embrace of cryptocurrencies and decentralized finance
  • Crypto's notable quarterly performance with Bitcoin edging higher
  • MicroStrategy's plans to hire a software engineer to build a Bitcoin Lightning Network infrastructure