Supreme Court to Hear 2 Cases With Major Implications for 2024

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As Hurricane Ian continues to wreak havoc across the southeastern United States, the Biden administration has been busy responding to the disaster. In addition to issuing a major disaster declaration, the administration has also launched a $810 million diplomatic initiative to help Pacific Island nations recover from the hurricane. Meanwhile, Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh has come under fire for his dissenting opinion in a case involving the disclosure of spouses' potential conflicts of interest.


  • The Durham target is heading to trial as the probe winds down.
  • The Supreme Court will hear 2 cases with major implications for the 2024 election.
  • Biden has issued a major disaster declaration amid the destruction caused by Hurricane Ian.
  • Visiting the DMZ, Harris condemns North Korea's missile 'provocation'.
  • Hurricane Ian has ravaged one of the fastest-growing areas in the United States.
  • Biden has launched an $810 million Pacific Island diplomatic initiative.
  • The judge has sided with Trump again in the Mar-a-Lago documents fight.
  • The Biden administration has scaled back student debt relief for millions of Americans amid legal concerns.
  • Wawa says that a New Jersey House candidate ripped off its goose logo.
  • The lobster feud has boiled over in Maine.
  • Massachusetts lawmakers have asked Buttigieg to investigate DeSantis' migrant flights.
  • The Biden administration has smoothed over Pacific Island Summit frictions.
  • The Supreme Court has shielded spouses' work from potential conflict of interest disclosures.
  • Biden has said that FEMA's response to Hurricane Ian is 'reinforcing' faith in government.
  • The Senate is in the last lap of a sprint to avert a shutdown.
  • Billions of dollars are likely needed for roads and bridges that were ripped up by Hurricane Ian.
  • Ginni Thomas tells a Jan. 6 panel that she still believes false election fraud claims, the chair says.
  • As trust in the Supreme Court drops, Alito sparred with Kagan.
  • The race for the 2024 House GOP campaign king is already on.
  • Meloni holds a mirror to Trump's GOP in Italy.
  • The reporters who proved that journalism is more powerful than Trump.
  • Hurricane Ian has temporarily tamed Ron DeSantis.
  • Tee time for the Saudis, Murdochs and Trumps.
  • Biden is still a political albatross.
  • Can the Senate work its Thursday magic?
  • Elevate lands a top Cantwell aide.
  • 'It's a land grab': The United States is scrambling to respond ahead of Putin's annexation claim.
  • Calls are growing for China and India to talk sense into Putin.
  • Hurricane Ian's mass blackouts have met the United States' struggling supply chain.
  • As Hurricane Ian batters Florida, Puerto Ricans fear being forgotten.