Thousands Protest In France Against Inflation, Macron's Pension Plan

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Today's news covers a variety of topics, from rising mortgage rates to a new museum being backed by tech titans. Here are the latest headlines.


  1. Police departments in the United States are dangling bonuses in order to attract new cops to their force.

  2. The high prices for goods and services are unlikely to come down anytime soon, according to economists.

  3. A gambler has filed a lawsuit against an online casino, alleging that the company's glitches robbed him of his winnings and fueled his addiction.

  4. Mortgage rates in the United States have risen to 6.7%, the highest level since 2007.

  5. The founder of BlackRock's private equity business is stepping down from his role managing the company.

  6. Micron has issued another muted outlook for the future after missing expected sales results.

  7. A group of tech titans are backing a new museum with a taco party instead of a traditional gala.

  8. The story of artist Mondrian and his fanatical pursuit of perfection.

  9. Russian borders are swamped as President Vladimir Putin's draft order sparks an exodus.

  10. Thousands of people are protesting in France against inflation and Macron's pension reform plan.