Why drones may start buzzing around the nation’s prisons

Today's News

In today's news, we'll be discussing Biden's campaign plans, new legislation around drones, former Governor Andrew Cuomo's new PAC, and the ongoing hurricane warnings in Florida.


  • Joe Biden's campaign mission is to take on Republicans, but he plans to do so from a distance.
  • Drones may start buzzing around nation's prisons as a way to keep an eye on them.
  • The Marshall Islands and Solomon Islands are defiance of the US, and this casts a shadow over Biden's Pacific Summit.
  • Corey Lewandowski has cut a deal on the charge stemming from alleged unwanted sexual advances.
  • Smith & Wesson is being sued over their link to the mass shooting at the July 4th parade.
  • Former Governor Andrew Cuomo announces a PAC and podcast, saying he is "very concerned."
  • States are appealing the dismissal of a suit against the US archivist for refusing to certify ERA ratification.
  • Hurricane Ian is approaching Florida, and Governor DeSantis is warning residents to shelter in place.
  • Biden and DeSantis have hit pause on their rancor during the hurricane.
  • Governor Newsom says that the Democrats have a "messaging problem."
  • The US Embassy in Moscow is urging American citizens to leave Russia "immediately."
  • The Oath Keeper trial is enjoying the most D.C. jury selection process possible.
  • The number of millionaires rose during last year's stock rally.
  • Respiratory viruses are resurfacing earlier than expected in kids.
  • Biden and DeSantis have pledged "close coordination" as Ian approaches.
  • Senator Manchin has backed off on his top priority.
  • A poll shows that a majority of people support reforming the electoral vote count law.
  • The hottest leadership ticket in the House is between Representatives Nos. 6.
  • Opinion: Poor kids just don't matter in American politics.
  • President Putin's military draft is unpopular, but that doesn't seem to matter.
  • Senator Manchin is back to the drawing board.
  • The AWS lobbyist is returning to multi-client work.
  • A Maryland couple has plead guilty in the submarine secrets sale case.
  • Democrats are brace for a national security brain drain.
  • Nuclear threats are hanging over Europe as weapons leaders gather in Brussels.
  • Officials are on edge over pipeline explosions, with some believing Russia is behind them.
  • As Hurricane Ian approaches, President Biden has warned the oil industry not to "gouge the American people."
  • The hurricane has knocked out power in Cuba.
  • Patients are facing barriers to routine care as doctors warn of ripple effects from broad abortion bans.
  • Governor Newsom is squaring off with the courts.