Could Bitcoin Be a Lifeline for Struggling Crypto Miners?




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It's been a wild day for crypto as the market continues to be volatile. Bitcoin, Ethereum, and XRP have all plunged again today, but some say there is still hope for recovery. Let's take a look at some of the day's biggest stories.


  • Why bitcoin mining struggles to go green: Greenpeace says that the cryptocurrency is a major contributor to climate change
  • Crypto miners turn to infrastructure consultancies like Sabre56 to help them avoid costly mistakes: Many cryptocurrency miners are turning to specialist firms to help them avoid the mistakes that can often be made when setting up and running mining operations
  • Bitcoin has emitted 200 million tonnes of CO2 since its launch: A new report from the University of Cambridge estimates that the cryptocurrency has resulted in the emissions of around 200 million tonnes of CO2 since its launch in 2009
  • Is Coinbase a Scam? No, But You May Find It Hard to Trust: The popular cryptocurrency exchange has been embroiled in a number of controversies in recent months, leading some to question its legitimacy
  • Crypto companies can’t avoid legal liability by forming a DAO: The US Securities and Exchange Commission has warned that crypto companies cannot shield themselves from legal liability by forming a so-called “decentralized autonomous organization”
  • The Latest Bitcoin News You Need to Know: A roundup of the latest news and developments in the bitcoin world
  • Just How Outrageous Is a $500,000 Price Target for Bitcoin?: Some analysts are predicting that the price of bitcoin could reach $500,000 in the future, but others are skeptical
  • Crypto Crash Continues as Bitcoin, Ethereum and XRP All Plunge Again Today: The cryptocurrency market has suffered another sharp sell-off, with bitcoin, ethereum and XRP all falling sharply in value
  • 3 Hail Mary Plays That Could Bring Your Stock Portfolio Back From the Brink: desperate times call for desperate measures, and if your stock portfolio is taking a beating, these three “hail mary” plays could help you recoup some of your losses
  • It's a Make-or-Break Moment for Coinbase -- What Should Investors Do?: Coinbase, the popular cryptocurrency exchange, is facing a make-or-break moment as it prepares to go public. Here's what investors need to know
  • Optus breach – Aussie telco told it will have to pay to replace IDs: The personal data of around 150,000 Optus customers has been compromised in a data breach, and the Australian telco has been told it will have to pay for the replacement of customers' IDs
  • $2.2 Trillion Institutional Crypto Price Prediction Reveals Bitcoin And Ethereum Could Be Poised For Recovery: A new report from institutional crypto research firm Diar suggests that bitcoin and ethereum could be poised for a price recovery as institutions start to invest more heavily in cryptocurrencies
  • Crypto Billionaire Jihan Wu Aims To Raise $200 Million To Purchase Assets From Struggling Bitcoin Miners: Bitcoin billionaire Jihan Wu is looking to raise $200 million to purchase assets from struggling bitcoin miners
  • Forbes Blockchain 50: Call For 2023 Nominations: Forbes is now accepting nominations for its annual Blockchain 50 list, which recognizes the most innovative and influential companies in the blockchain space
  • Amid A Crypto Winter, Cross-Border Payments Are A Potential Lifeline: With the cryptocurrency market in a prolonged bear phase, some companies are turning to cross-border payments as a way to generate revenue
  • Bitcoin: Don't Fight The Fed (And Win No Matter What): The Federal Reserve's recent interest rate cut has bolstered the case for bitcoin as a safe haven asset, and some analysts believe that the cryptocurrency could benefit even further if the Fed continues to loosen monetary policy
  • Prosus: The Upside Was There, It's Now A 'Hold': Prosus, the holding company for South African tech conglomerate Naspers, has seen its share price rise sharply in recent months. But with the stock now trading at around $100 per share, some analysts believe that the upside potential has been exhausted and that it is time to take profits
  • Lightning Labs Releases Software to Allow Bitcoin Developers to Mint and Transfer Assets on the Blockchain: Lightning Labs, a startup working on lightning network solutions for the bitcoin blockchain, has released a new software tool that will allow developers to create and transfer assets on the lightning network
  • Ethereum Merge Vaults Cryptocurrency Past Bitcoin in Hard-Money Allure: Ethereum has overtaken bitcoin as the most popular cryptocurrency for people who view it as a digital store of value, according to a new survey
  • Is Bitcoin an Inflation Hedge? Investors Are Still Unsure: Many investors view bitcoin as a hedge against inflation, but there is still debate about whether or not the cryptocurrency actually meets the definition of an inflation hedge
  • Circle to Roll Out Free Crypto Literacy Program to HBCUs: US-based crypto finance firm Circle is partnering with historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) to launch a free cryptocurrency education program
  • Why Would Anyone Take a College Course on Urbit?: Urbit is a decentralized computing platform that is seeking to challenge the dominance