Nasdaq to Streamline Operations, Crypto Miners Look to Infrastructure, Wall Street Fines for Whatsapp Use

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Today's news includes a variety of stories, from the business world to the world of cryptocurrency. In business news, the Nasdaq is divided into three units to streamline operations, while Wall Street shops are being penalized for failing to police bankers' use of WhatsApp. In the world of cryptocurrency, miners are turning to infrastructure consultancies to help them avoid costly mistakes, and a new guide is available for crypto newbies who want to build their own NFT marketplace. Meanwhile, researchers are warning of a new Go-based malware that is targeting Windows and Linux systems.


  • The Nasdaq has divided its business into three units in order to streamline operations.
  • Crypto miners are turning to infrastructure consultancies like Sabre56 to help them avoid costly mistakes.
  • Wall Street shops have been dinged for nearly $2 billion in penalties for failing to police bankers' use of Whatsapp.
  • US stocks are trading mixed as investors assess the Bank of England's bond-market move and eye weaker Apple demand.
  • Build Your NFT Marketplace – Here’s a Top Guide for Crypto Newbies
  • Intel Demos Sapphire Rapids Hardware Accelerator Blocks In Action At Innovation 2022
  • Matrix chat encryption has been sunk by five fatal holes.
  • Is Coinbase a Scam? No, But You May Find It Hard to Trust
  • Here's how crooks will use deepfakes to scam your biz
  • Effective Brand Building In The Metaverse via @sejournal, @macuraa
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  • Researchers Warn of New Go-based Malware Targeting Windows and Linux Systems
  • SWIFT is working with blockchain data provider Chainlink on a cross-chain interoperability protocol to let SWIFT messages instruct on-chain token transfers (Aoyon Ashraf/CoinDesk)
  • A look at Portugal's Meia Praia beach, a haven where crypto supporters gather, creating a bubble of optimism about digital currencies amid crypto's downturn (Adam Satariano/New York Times)
  • Crypto companies can’t avoid legal liability by forming a DAO
  • UBS Says Dealmakers Carefully Navigating Tricky Market
  • Not Even the iPhone Is Immune to the Global Economy
  • The Shift to Crypto Gaming Is for Real
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