Mysterious Debbie Collier spotted with purse and keys despite claim she left with only ID and debit card.

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In politics, Sen. John Cornyn says that governors in Texas, Florida, and Arizona have changed the conversation on the border. He also says that President Biden is using COVID emergency powers as an excuse to forgive student loans. And Liz Cheney threatens 2024 in her latest move.

In the economy, AOL founder Steve Case shares tips for rising entrepreneurs. The Senate votes on a funding bill to avert a shutdown. And Brian Brenberg says that most Americans don't think the White House cares about their economic struggles.

In sports, Giants' Sterling Shepard tears his ACL. The Cowboys' Dak Prescott won't rule himself out for their Week 4 game. And MSNBC's Joy Reid claims that 'neofascism won big in Italy' with Giorgia Meloni’s victory.


  • Mystery deepens in case of Debbie Collier, who was spotted with purse and keys despite claiming she left home with only ID and debit card
  • Hurricane Ian tracker, warnings and advisories provide latest information on storm's path and intensity
  • 4 migrant buses arrive in NYC as Mayor Adams begins construction on tent city for homeless residents
  • Graphic video captures NYC homeless man violently attacking female straphanger at Queens subway stop
  • Giants' Sterling Shepard tears ACL; Odell Beckham Jr. rips turf fields
  • Herschel Walker calls out Warnock for 'pro-choice pastor' stance, says Dems are fleeing Biden
  • SEAN HANNITY: Democrats are desperate to demonize, slander, smear, besmirch any Republican at all costs
  • UFC's Dana White rips 'do-nothing' media attacking him during COVID: My employees had to feed their families