Musk continues Twitter overhaul, Instagram to host NFT tools and JPMorgan makes public blockchain trade: Hodler’s Digest, Oct. 30-Nov. 5




Today's News

There's a lot going on in the world today, from technological advances to political upheaval. Here's a quick rundown of some of the top stories.


  • A bug in Linux's ELF loader was discovered by musl today.
  • Jack Dorsey has unveiled Bluesky Social, a decentralized Twitter.
  • Intel plans to cut products, and we guess where they'll happen.
  • Here are 10 weekend reads.
  • 2 cryptocurrencies to buy now if you're looking for the next Bitcoin.
  • Gold or cryptocurrency: which is the better buy?
  • Could Elon Musk's Twitter purchase help these cryptocurrencies surge?
  • Why this cryptocurrency is different from all the others.
  • 3 cryptocurrencies to avoid like the plague in November.
  • Are investors missing the opportunity in industrials?
  • China could secretly hold $6 billion of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrency, triggering a serious price crash warning.
  • In his weekly commentary, Powell is building credibility.
  • Litecoin mining difficulty is hitting new highs, foundation says.
  • What are the uses of the Bitbns exchange?
  • Bitcoin's role in the rise of digital art.
  • If you care about Bitcoin, you should onboard people individually.
  • Is the Bitcoin price still correlated with financial markets?
  • On Guy Fawkes Night, remember that Bitcoin is a modern vendetta against the establishment.
  • History happens right before your eyes.
  • Big Eyes Coin plans to become as big as Bitcoin and Dogecoin.
  • The global cryptocurrency market is expected to grow from $1.02 billion in 2020 to $6.06 billion by 2030.
  • Dogeliens is eyeing the successes of Dogecoin and Flow in the cryptocurrency market. Can it succeed?
  • Litecoin mining difficulty is hitting new highs, foundation says.
  • The Anglophone crisis in Cameroon.
  • Bitcoin could become the foundation of DeFi with more single-sided liquidity pools.
  • Bitcoin is now less volatile than the S&P 500 and Nasdaq.
  • In this week's Hodler's Digest, we cover Twitter's overhaul, Instagram's NFT tools, and JPMorgan's public blockchain trade.
  • Ethereum inches even closer to total censorship due to OFAC compliance.
  • Joe Biden is unhappy with Elon Musk for buying a platform that "spews lies".
  • Polygon Studios' Ryan Watt talks about Web3's core principles and a fairer internet.