Coinbase, Silvergate Capital, and Marathon Digital Holdings Report Losses




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Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology continue to make headlines all over the world. Here's a look at some of the latest news stories involving crypto and blockchain.


  • Coinbase reports third-quarter loss as volumes drop: Coinbase, one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges, reports a loss in the third quarter as trading volumes drop.
  • Trevor Noah on attack ads: ‘We don’t accept this in any other job’: Trevor Noah, host of The Daily Show, criticizes attack ads and how they are used in political campaigns.
  • Convoy leaders, Tamara Lich, set to testify at Emergencies Act inquiry: Tamara Lich, one of the leaders of the convoy that protested the construction of the Site C dam, is set to testify at an inquiry into the Emergencies Act.
  • Distributed Ledger: Why U.S. midterm elections matter to crypto, and how: The United States midterm elections could have a big impact on cryptocurrency and the overall digital ledger technology industry.
  • Personal Finance Daily: Fidelity launches waitlist to offer crypto trading to retail investors and why aren’t more financial products meeting the needs of Latinos in the U.S.? Fidelity launches a waitlist for retail investors to trade cryptocurrency and ponders why there are not more financial products meeting the needs of Latinos in the United States.
  • Can You Mine Crypto Using Your Smartphone?: You can mine cryptocurrency using your smartphone, but it is not recommended.
  • Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin: if Musk's Twitter flops it's not such a bad thing: Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin says that if Elon Musk's Twitter account were to flop, it would not be such a bad thing.
  • US Midterms May Have Big Consequences for Crypto: The United States midterm elections could have a big impact on cryptocurrency.
  • Crypto Cowboys Test the Lonestar State's Grid as Mining Woes Persist: Crypto Cowboys, a group of cryptocurrency miners in Texas, are testing the state's grid as mining difficulties persist.
  • Whitney Cummings Joins OnlyFans — but for Subscriber-Only ‘Dirty Jokes,‘ Not Nude Pics (EXCLUSIVE): Whitney Cummings, a comedian and actress, joins OnlyFans but for subscriber-only dirty jokes, not nude pictures.
  • Why Coinbase, Silvergate Capital, and Marathon Digital Holdings Are Falling This Week: Coinbase, Silvergate Capital, and Marathon Digital Holdings are all falling this week.
  • How Should Crypto Play Into Your Retirement Plan?: Cryptocurrency should play a role in your retirement plan.
  • Alphabet Blames Crypto Ad Spend for a Revenue Slowdown: Alphabet blames cryptocurrency ad spend for a slowdown in revenue.
  • Opera premieres deep NFT analytics tool DegenKnows, releases NEAR, Elrond, and Fantom support in the Opera Crypto Browser: Opera premieres the DegenKnows deep NFT analytics tool, releases NEAR, Elrond, and Fantom support in the Opera Crypto Browser.
  • Women Will Save Bitcoin: Chatting With Bitcoin Maximalist Tim Draper: Tim Draper, a Bitcoin maximalist, chats about why he believes women will save Bitcoin.
  • Crypto Regulators ‘Missing An Opportunity’ With Bitcoin Spot ETF: Crypto regulators are missing an opportunity with the Bitcoin spot exchange-traded fund.
  • ‘Very Hard To Predict’—Binance CEO Reveals ‘90%’ Failure Rate Fear After $500 Million Elon Musk Twitter Bet Amid Bitcoin, Ethereum And Crypto Price Crash: Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao reveals that he is afraid of a "90% failure rate" after a $500 million bet on Elon Musk's Twitter account amid a Bitcoin, Ethereum, and cryptocurrency price crash.
  • The Silent Quantum Threat To Web3 Cyber Resilience: The silent quantum threat to Web3 cyber resilience.
  • Apple, Google, Amazon, And Tesla Stock Prices Are Now Available To DeFi And Other Crypto Platforms: Apple, Google, Amazon, and Tesla stock prices are now available to DeFi and other cryptocurrency platforms.
  • Why Ethereum’s Post-Post-Merge Will Be Better Than The Merge: Why Ethereum's post-post-merge will be better than the merge.
  • This Week In Credit Card News: Rate Hike’s Effect On Credit Cards; Capital One’s Big Taylor Swift Promotion: This week in credit card news: Rate hike's effect on credit cards; Capital One's big Taylor Swift promotion.
  • Iris Energy: Things Have Changed: Iris Energy's CEO discusses how the company has changed.
  • Caterpillar: Digging For Levels Of Entry: Caterpillar Inc. is digging for levels of entry.
  • ‘Hyperbitcoinization’ Is a Few Years Away, Predicts Samson Mow: Samson Mow, the CEO of Blockstream, predicts that "hyperbitcoinization" is a few years away.
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