Famed venture capital firm is latest critic in regulator's case against Ooki crypto collective

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Welcome to our news roundup for November 3, 2022. Today, we'll be discussing the latest critic in the regulator's case against the Ooki crypto collective, Binance CEO's thoughts on central banks' digital currencies, and MoneyGram's reaffirmation of its commitment to crypto. We'll also be taking a look at some of the other stories making headlines, including a look at how to become an online millionaire and why the price of Litecoin is rising today.


  • The Famed venture capital firm is latest critic in regulator's case against Ooki crypto collective
  • Binance CEO sees no threat to crypto from central banks' digital currencies
  • MoneyGram reaffirms crypto commitment with trading solution
  • CZ, the CEO of Binance, has bet big on Musk's Twitter buyout with a $500 million investment, saying he is 'extremely supportive' of the freedom of speech
  • US stock slide as unexpectedly strong payroll data adds pressure on the Fed to stay hawkish
  • Trump re-endorses Mike Lee after DeSantis shoots ad backing the Utah senator, as simmering 2024 rivalry spills into public view
  • How To Become An Online Millionaire (6 QUICK Ways To Do That)
  • Why did the OpenSSL punycode vulnerability happen?
  • The 6 Major Cryptocurrency Categories Based on Utility
  • 10 Wednesday AM Reads
  • Bobby Hundreds Walks Users Through How to Buy an NFT Using Coinbase
  • Australia Briefing: BHP Plans for Nickel Boom
  • How to Trade an Unusually Boring Bitcoin
  • Why Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, and Aptos Are Dropping Ahead of the Fed's Interest Rate Announcement
  • What Is Staking in Crypto?
  • This Legendary Value Investor Is Going in Big on This Crypto Growth Stock
  • Why the Price of Litecoin Is Rising Today
  • Cathie Wood Goes Bargain Hunting: 3 Stocks She Just Bought
  • MicroStrategy (MSTR) Q3 2022 Earnings Call Transcript
  • ‘I Overestimated’—Coinbase CEO Admits He Made A Big Mistake After $2 Trillion Bitcoin, Ethereum And Crypto Price Crash
  • How Enterprises Can Avoid Lasting Damage From The 'Quantum Apocalypse'
  • Cryptos Resilient As Fed’s Hawkish Powell Quashes Hopes Of Rate Relief
  • Blockchain Play-To-Earn Games Like Axie Infinity Have Failed Investors. Now What?
  • How To Adapt While Growing A Business: A Five-Year Retrospective
  • Scammers used Ethereum's switch to proof-of-stake to steal millions of dollars
  • Vietnam's 'King of VGA' is selling mountains of graphics cards on the street
  • Switzerland Sticks to Tougher ID Checks for Crypto to Cash Transactions
  • First Mover Americas: Bitcoin, Ether Slip Ahead of Fed
  • Previewing Next Week's US Midterm Election
  • Hong Kong Wants to Be a Crypto Hub Again