Dogecoin leads cryptos with 24 times Bitcoin's gains. Here's what sparked the rally?

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Crypto markets are steadying after last week's wild ride. Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao says that his support for free speech is one of the reasons he invested in Twitter. Coinbase is joining other cryptocurrency companies in siding with Ripple in its legal case with the SEC. Grocery retailer Pick n Pay is starting to accept cryptocurrency payments.

Bitcoin appears to be breaking away from its traditional relationship with the stock market. Robinhood and Coinbase are finding sanctuary in interest income amid the market rout. Crypto lender Hodlnaut lost nearly $190 million in the TerraUSD drop. Revolut is exploring crypto payments despite adoption hurdles. Dogecoin has been revived with a $10 billion surge since Elon Musk purchased Twitter.

And in other news, US stocks are jumping as investors look to continue the October rally ahead of a key Fed policy decision. Here are 5 quick ways you can make money with cryptocurrency. Centralization is inevitable. Nushell is a new kind of shell. Terraform Labs and crypto bro Do Kwon are facing a $57 million court case in Singapore.

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