Is a Cryptocurrency Block Important?




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Welcome to the October 27th edition of crypto news. Today, we've got stories on the approval of a blockchain firm to buy a Gibraltar exchange, the upcoming rate hike and earnings results, the ISBNdb dump, and more. So let's get started.


  • Blockchain firm Valereum gets approval to buy Gibraltar exchange: This blockchain firm has been approved to buy a cryptocurrency exchange in Gibraltar.
  • US stocks drop, but notch best October ever as investors weigh upcoming rate hike against upbeat earnings results: US stocks have dropped recently, but they are still having their best October on record.
  • ISBNdb dump – how many books are preserved forever?: With the ISBNdb dump, all books will be preserved forever.
  • What Is a Cryptocurrency Block and Why Is It Important?: A cryptocurrency block is a digital record of all transactions that have taken place on a given network. It is important because it prevents fraud and double spending.
  • 5 Key Considerations to Make When Choosing Your Favored Crypto DEX: When choosing a cryptocurrency exchange, there are a few key considerations to keep in mind.
  • Transcript: Jeremy Siegel + Jeremy Schwartz: In this transcript, two financial analysts discuss the recent performance of the stock market.
  • In True Halloween Form, Zombie Coins Just Won't Die: In the spooky spirit of Halloween, some "zombie coins" just won't die.
  • Argo Blockchain Equity-Infusion Plan Collapses, Bringing Future Into Question: Argo Blockchain's equity-infusion plan has collapsed, raising questions about the company's future.
  • Hong Kong’s Crypto-Friendly Plans Get Mixed Reviews From Billionaires And Industry Players: Hong Kong's plans to be friendly to the cryptocurrency industry have received mixed reviews.
  • The Comeback Kid: Using The QR Code For Fan Engagement: The QR code is making a comeback and can be used for fan engagement.
  • Three Reasons Why Social Savings Groups Are Vital For Increased Crypto Adoption In Africa: Social savings groups are important for increased crypto adoption in Africa for three reasons.
  • 7 Reasons To Buy Property Overseas Right Now: There are seven reasons to buy property overseas right now.
  • Hut 8: Energy Crisis, Ethereum Merge Slam Production By 25%: The energy crisis and Ethereum merge have caused production at Hut 8 to drop by 25%.
  • Bitcoin And Ethereum Are Coming In From The Cold (Technical Analysis): Bitcoin and Ethereum are starting to rebound after a period of decline.
  • CEF: This Dip Is A Gift: CEF believes that the recent dip in the stock market is a buying opportunity.
  • Wall Street Breakfast: Eye On Commodities: In this Wall Street Breakfast, commodities are in the spotlight.
  • Bitcoin Options Market Signals Bottom as Skews Climb to Zero: The bitcoin options market is signaling that a bottom may be in sight as the skew climbs to zero.
  • Ether Sees Biggest Weekly Gain in 3 Months, ETH-BTC Rally to Continue: Ether has seen its biggest weekly gain in three months, and the ETH-BTC rally is expected to continue.
  • End of the Monopoly: How Bitcoin Will Usher in a New Era of Governance in Crypto: Bitcoin will usher in a new era of governance in cryptocurrency.
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  • First Mover Americas: Ether's Breaking Out on Bullish Supply-Demand Picture: Ether is breaking out on a bullish supply-demand picture.
  • Market Wrap: Dogecoin’s October Finale Trumps All Other Major Cryptos: Dogecoin's October performance has been better than all other major cryptocurrencies.
  • First Mover Asia: Crypto Platform Freeway's Lack of Transparency Should Have Been a Red Flag: The lack of transparency at Crypto Platform Freeway should have been a red flag.
  • Dogecoin Futures Rack Up Nearly $90M in Liquidations Over Weekend in Unusual Move: Dogecoin futures have racked up nearly $90M in liquidations over the weekend in an unusual move.
  • Surging Popularity of Ethereum Staking Keeps Lid on Yields: The surging popularity of Ethereum staking is keeping yields low.
  • Hong Kong Govt. Reconsiders Stance on Virtual Asset ETFs, Tokenised Securities, and Retail Investors: The Hong Kong government is reconsidering its stance on virtual asset ETFs, tokenized securities, and retail investors.
  • Can Crypto Buy a Seat in Congress?: Cryptocurrency can buy a seat in Congress.
  • On This White Paper Day, Remember What Satoshi’s Original Publication Is And What It Isn’t: On this white paper day, remember what Satoshi's original publication is and what it isn't.
  • Bitcoin Songsheet: Bitcoin Maximalism Is The Continuation Of The Cypherpunk Ethic: Bitcoin maximalism is the continuation of the Cypherpunk ethic.