Why Bitcoin's Price Is Rising Again Despite Economic Uncertainty




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Investors seem to be interested in cryptocurrency as of late. This is for a variety of reasons, including the potential for cryptocurrency to serve as a retirement investment. Today's news headlines reflect this interest, with articles discussing the best crypto IRAs, why one of the smartest investors bought bitcoin, and Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin's warning about Bitcoin's price swings.


  • The 5 Best Crypto IRAs to Use for Your Retirement
  • Why One of the Smartest Investors Bought Bitcoin and Thinks You Should Too
  • Why The Sandbox Was Climbing Almost 7% Today
  • Ethereum Founder Issues ‘Controversial’ Bitcoin And Crypto Warning Amid Wild Price Swings
  • Bitcoin’s Proponents Promise a Future That It Cannot Provide
  • ‘A Super Interesting Idea’—Is This Elon Musk’s Real, Radical Plan For Twitter?
  • What Is The Crypto Freedom PAC Planning For The Midterm Elections?
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  • Leaders Are Leaving Wall Street For The High Stakes World Of Blockchain Gaming
  • HODLween Brings Bitcoiners Together To Celebrate Halloween In Charlotte
  • Dustin Trammell On The Original White Paper Day, Corresponding With Satoshi And The Growing Need For Bitcoin
  • The U.S. Will Weaponize The Dollar By Backing It With Bitcoin
  • How The United States Weaponizes The Dollar To Retain Global Hegemony
  • Thailand and Hungary Partner to Promote Blockchain Tech in Financial Sector – Blockchain Bitcoin News
  • Can You Believe It? Bitcoin Looks Stable – Green, Even – as Big Tech Stocks Fall Apart
  • These 3 Tech Billionaires Have Lost Nearly Half A Trillion Dollars This Year
  • Self-proclaimed ‘socialist’ to ‘red pill’ anti-lockdown crusader: What are Elon Musk’s politics?
  • Can You Believe It? Bitcoin Looks Stable – Green, Even – as Big Tech Stocks Fall Apart
  • Dollar Rises, Stock Futures Mixed in Cautious Open: Markets Wrap
  • BTC price struggles at $21K as trader says 'top is in' for Bitcoin, Ethereum
  • Binance Coin jumps to new BTC all-time high as Elon Musk's Twitter fuels DOGE bulls
  • The state of crypto in Northern Europe: Hostile Scandinavia and vibrant Baltics
  • With Twitter, Musk's Influence Enters Uncharted Territory
  • Bitcoin Price Aims For $21,000, Will There Be A Wider Trend Change?
  • ApeCoin Shows Bullish Bias; This Level Needs To Be Broken For A Rally To $7
  • MATIC Looks To Hit $1 Target After Breaching Major Resistance
  • Shiba Inu Jumps 30% In Last 7 Days As SHIB Basks In Green
  • Litecoin Price Revisits $56, What Is Next For The Bulls?
  • Money Order Via Credit Card: Can You Transfer Money To Your Credit Card Account?