Bitcoin Software Company Synonym Launches Bitkit, a Bitcon Wallet Powered by Slashtags Protocol




Today's News

It's been a big week for news in the world of cryptocurrency. Here are some of the biggest stories making headlines.


  • Hong Kong plans to legalize retail crypto trading in order to become a hub for the industry
  • Wealthy millennials are getting their money advice from TikTok, and they're investing heavily in crypto
  • How the Web3 economy works and who is in control of it
  • What is the best app to buy Dogecoin?
  • How Elon Musk could put more crypto into Twitter
  • Warren Buffett, noted crypto-skeptic, may soon become a backdoor cryptocurrency investor
  • 3 green, eco-friendly cryptos that could overtake Bitcoin
  • A history of Crazy Eddie, a notable fraud from before Enron and Theranos
  • Links from October 29, 2022
  • A prediction that Bitcoin will see a price increase soon, following a recent crash
  • A comparison of pension funds and cryptocurrency, and which is the bigger scam
  • Why Elon Musk's twitter takeover is good news for crypto investors
  • This week's roundup of tech stories from around the web
  • The week ahead in tech (October 29 - November 4)
  • Bitcoin software company Synonym launches Bitkit, a Bitcoin wallet powered by Slashtags protocol
  • Bitcoin mixer
  • Why Bitcoin is here to stay, and Bitcoiners are not going anywhere
  • How Bitcoin mining is directly impacting people's lives for the better
  • The competition for Bitcoiners between nation-states is heating up
  • How digital rights could be a boon for tech companies like Amazon, Alphabet, and Microsoft
  • What privacy coins are, and why they are controversial
  • Meta, Apple, Microsoft, and why developments at Twitter could be good news for Dogecoin: bulls and bears
  • How to gain access to a more versatile ecosystem than Bitcoin and Chainlink
  • Bitcoin booming, big eyes launch looming, fiat currency fuming
  • Bitcoin on track for October gains in defiance of a tough stretch of months
  • ICE takes $1.1 billion write-down for stake in crypto platform Bakkt
  • Dogeliens looking to woof their way on top like Bitcoin and Dogecoin
  • Big Eyes Coin, Apecoin, and Bitcoin holders could be amongst the biggest gainers in 2023
  • Elon Musk plans to carry out mass Twitter layoffs as soon as today to deny employee stock grants