Billionaires' Favorite Cryptocurrencies Could be the Next Big Thing




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In today's news, we discuss the crypto party scene, big investors in the crypto world, predictions for Bitcoin's future, and more.


  1. Mainnet is a crypto party where tickets cost $2,100 and attendees network on yachts.
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  13. Jimmy Song, Lee Bratcher And Dennis Porter On Why Bitcoiners Must Be Politically Involved
  14. Forget Sacrificing For The Greater Good, Self-Responsibility Is The Way To A Better Society
  15. Bitmatrix Releases Mainnet Beta For Automated Market Maker On Liquid
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  18. ‘100x better than gold’: Michael Saylor says bitcoin is the next big ‘store of value asset’ and will soar 2,500% within 10 years — here are 3 easy ways to bet on it
  19. What are the odds of a U.S. recession in 2023?
  20. JPMorgan analyst drops COIN price target, saying “falling cryptocurrency markets will pressure the stock price”
  21. Urbit Courts DAOs, Crypto Teams in Quest to Make Internet P2P Again
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  25. Bitcoin was almost named Netcoin by Satoshi Nakamoto, hints domain data
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  27. Wintermute suffers $160M attack, Kraken CEO departs and US bill aims to ban algo stablecoins: Hodler’s Digest, Sept. 18-24
  28. NFTs bring in-game ownership to a new level, says Blokhaus founder
  29. How crypto is playing a role in increasing healthy human lifespans