Parker v Joyce: Live updates, new treatment target, NASA spacecraft to smash into asteroid

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Welcome to the news for September 25th. Here are some of the stories we're following today.


  • Joseph Parker v Joe Joyce: updates on the boxing match
  • New treatment target: a potential cure for bone loss
  • NASA's DART: a spacecraft set to collide with an asteroid
  • Tropical Storm Ian: an update on the hurricane
  • Fiona: a storm wreaking havoc in Atlantic Canada
  • NASA's Juno: a spacecraft set to skim the surface of Jupiter's moon Europa
  • NASA delays rocket launch: the reasons behind the postponement
  • COVID-19 lockdown: a study linking the lockdown to an increase in HIV cases
  • The Crown: Netflix reveals the release date for the fifth season
  • Keir Starmer: the politician unveils a green growth plan
  • Brendan Gleeson films: a quiz on the actor's films
  • Daniela Elser: Meghan and Harry set to miss out on the most expensive house in London
  • Tropical Storm Ian: the storm delays NASA's Artemis I rocket launch
  • Ireland: the team loses to Scotland in the Nations League
  • NASA's Artemis I: the launch is delayed for a third time
  • Queen's final resting place: a photo of the King George VI Memorial Chapel at Windsor Castle
  • Russia's Lavrov: the politician accuses Washington of playing with fire around Taiwan
  • Asian food lie: the truth about a popular food misconception
  • Fiona: photos of the storm slamming Canada's Atlantic coast
  • Roy Keane: the reason the Man Utd legend played 15 minutes in a legends game