Apple Reports Fourth Quarter Results

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Today's headlines include news about cancer vaccinations, a device that may help improve heart health, and negative financial reports for Amazon and Apple.

In a push to increase cancer prevention, experts are urging the use of a new, free vaccination against a range of cancers. The vaccine is recommended for adults aged 27 to 45, and is said to be most effective when given to people in their early 30s.

A new study has found that physical activity can have significant heart health benefits. The study, which looked at data from 88,000 people, found that those who engaged in more intense physical activity had a lower risk of heart disease.

There is some bad news for Amazon and Apple today, as both companies have reported disappointing financial results. Amazon's stock price took a hit after the company forecast weak holiday sales, while Apple's shares fell after the company reported lower-than-expected iPhone sales.


-The risks of not getting vaccinated against cancer

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