Tropical Storm Karding slightly intensifies, more areas under Signal No. 1

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-The Federer-Nadal vs Tiafoe-Sock Laver Cup Live: Roger, Rafa win 1st set 6-4 match was a victory for the home team.

  • Homan eliminated at PointsBet Invitational after losing draw to the button means that she is no longer in the running for the title.
  • Tropical Storm Karding slightly intensifies, more areas under Signal No. 1 means that the storm is intensifying and more areas are under threat.
  • What London residents need to know about getting the bivalent COVID-19 booster dose is a guide for Londoners on how to get the vaccine.
  • Apple Watch Ultra | Unboxing, Comparison To Series 5 & Series 2, Can You Use Old Apple Watch Bands? is a review of the new Apple Watch.
  • New treatment “starves” aggressive brain tumors in mice is a new treatment that has shown success in mice.
  • 2 Americans captured by Russian-backed forces are back on US soil after their release means that the two men have been freed and are back in the United States.
  • Mini-Budget 2022 is the upcoming budget for the United Kingdom.
  • UK ticket-holder wins £171m EuroMillions jackpot means that someone in the UK has won a large amount of money.
  • King Charles pictured for first time with iconic red despatch box means that the heir to the throne is carrying on a tradition.
  • 'I was now losing money' is a quote from a person who was scammed.
  • Two thirds of people don't know what to do if they witness an epileptic seizure means that a lot of people don't know what to do in this situation.
  • Occupied Ukraine holds Kremlin-staged vote on joining Russia is a vote that was held in Ukraine under Russian occupation.
  • ‘Profound shock’: Reality star dies at 28 is a news story about a reality star who has died.
  • Trombone Champ: What to Know About This Silly Rhythm Game is a review of the game Trombone Champ.
  • Higher Risk of Suicide Observed in Adolescents Suffering from Nightmare Distress means that adolescents who suffer from nightmares are at a higher risk for suicide.
  • LOOK: Romualdez enjoys Pinoy food truck fare with Marcos in New York is a photo of the Philippine ambassador to the United States with Ferdinand Marcos.
  • Former NATO commander says not losing much sleep over Putin's nuclear threats means that the former commander is not worried about Putin's threats.
  • Magnus Carlsen and Hans Niemann: The cheating row that's blowing up the chess world is a story about a cheating scandal in the chess world.
  • Stunning NASA James Webb Telescope Image Reveals Neptune's Delicate Rings is an image taken by the NASA telescope.