Ford's Snafu: Not Enough Badges

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Today's headlines cover a range of topics, from Ford's latest supply-chain snafu to Netflix's new payment deals for comedy specials.


  1. Ford's Latest Supply-Chain Snarl: Not Enough Blue Oval Badges
  • Ford is facing a fresh supply-chain snarl that could limit production of its popular F-150 pickup truck.
  • The issue: A shortage of the small blue oval badges that adorn the truck's grille.
  • The badges are made by a supplier in Europe, which has been hit by a production setback.
  • Ford is said to be working on a fix, but it's not clear when it will be able to resume full production of the truck.
  1. Netflix Reduces Payments for Comedy Specials in Some New Deals
  • In a shift that could save the company millions of dollars, Netflix is reducing the payments it makes to some comedians for their comedy specials.
  • The deals are with lower-profile comedians, who will now be paid a flat fee instead of a percentage of ticket sales.
  • The move comes as Netflix looks to cut costs amid a slowdown in subscriber growth.