Could This Trend Thaw the Crypto Winter?




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It's been a big week for crypto and stocks, with bitcoin and Ethereum surging and mega-cap tech companies reporting earnings. Here's a look at some of the week's biggest stories.


  • Cryptoverse: The British pound's value falls, leading to an increase in the appeal of bitcoin as a hedge against currency fluctuations.
  • Crypto Weekly: British politician Liz Truss speaks in favour of bitcoin, leading to a boost in the price of the cryptocurrency.
  • US stocks surge as investors brace for earnings from mega-cap tech companies: Stocks are trading higher as investors anticipate positive earnings reports from large tech firms.
  • US stocks trade mixed as investors sift through more earnings and await results from mega-cap tech firms: While some stocks are up, others are down, as investors weigh different companies' earnings reports and await news from major tech firms.
  • Web3 Is Here to Stay — But Here are 2 Key Elements Holding It Back: Despite its potential, there are two key factors holding back the widespread adoption of web3 technology.
  • NerdWallet: Why crypto has been a sticky spot for celebrity endorsements: Many celebrities have endorsed crypto investments, but the volatile nature of the market has led to some high-profile losses.
  • US commodities chief thinks most cryptocurrencies are securities: The head of the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission says that most cryptocurrencies are likely to be classified as securities, subject to greater regulation.
  • Bitcoin Miners Go From Bad to Worse: Bitcoin miners are struggling as the price of the cryptocurrency remains low and costs continue to rise.
  • Matt Levine Deciphers Crypto's Ups and Downs: Business writer Matt Levine analyses the cryptocurrency market, explaining its recent volatility.
  • Lower Volatility Confounds Crypto Traders Used to Yo-Yo Swings...: The relatively stable price of cryptocurrencies is confounding traders used to the market's usual volatility.
  • Why Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Cardano Are Rocketing Higher Today: The prices of Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Cardano are all rising today, for different reasons.
  • Silvergate Capital Has Seen $2.7 Billion of Deposit Outflows This Year -- Should Investors Be Concerned?: Silvergate Capital, a bank catering to cryptocurrency businesses, has seen billions of dollars worth of deposits leave this year. Is this cause for concern?
  • Could This Trend Thaw the Crypto Winter?: A recent increase in the number of new cryptocurrency projects could signal the end of the so-called "crypto winter."
  • I'm Buying These 3 Resilient Stocks During a Bear Market: While the overall stock market is down, these three stocks are holding their own.
  • Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB, SP500, And Nasdaq Expected To Rally Ahead Of US Midterms: Investors are anticipating positive performance from these assets ahead of the US midterm elections.
  • Nine Strategies Brands Should Consider When Collaborating With Influencers: Brands looking to work with influencers should consider these nine strategies.
  • Horizon Kinetics: Horizon Kinetics is an investment management firm.
  • Horizon Kinetics 3rd Quarter 2022 Commentary: Horizon Kinetics' third quarter commentary for 2022.
  • Polkadot: A Coin Worth Holding: Polkadot is a cryptocurrency that is worth investing in, due to its potential for growth.
  • Why Bitcoin Has Been Highly Correlated With Fiat: Bitcoin's price has been closely linked with the value of fiat currencies, such as the US dollar.
  • Chinese 'Spies' Used Wasabi Wallet to Try to Conceal Bitcoin Bribes, Elliptic Says: Elliptic, a blockchain analysis company, has accused Chinese intelligence agents of using the Wasabi cryptocurrency wallet to try to hide payments made in bitcoin.
  • First Mover Americas: Bitcoin, Ether Remain in Tight Price Range: Bitcoin and Ether, the two largest cryptocurrencies by market capitalization, are trading in a tight range.
  • Bitcoin Miner CleanSpark Hikes 2022 Hashrate Guidance by 10%: Bitcoin mining company CleanSpark has increased its guidance for 2022, expecting to produce 10% more hashrate than previously forecast.
  • First Mover Asia: Is Binance Becoming Too Dominant?: Binance, the largest cryptocurrency exchange by trading volume, is facing criticism for its growing market dominance.
  • Hodlonaut Expects Craig Wright to Appeal Verdict in Norway: Hodlonaut, the pseudonymous creator of the "Lightning Torch" social media experiment, expects Craig Wright, the self-proclaimed inventor of Bitcoin, to appeal a recent court ruling in Norway.
  • Bitcoin Tops $20K, Ether Surges to Its Highest Point Since the Merge: Bitcoin's price tops $20,000 for the first time since the cryptocurrency's creation, while Ether surged to its highest point since the merge of Ethereum and Ethereum Classic.
  • Market Wrap: Bitcoin Marches Past $20K as Investors Regain Their Appetite for Riskier Assets: Bitcoin's price climbs past $20,000 as investors seek out riskier assets.
  • Polygon's MATIC Eyes $