Trump ally Tom Barrack on trial, foreign agent claims: 'Nothing short of ridiculous

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In today's news, we have an update on the Jan. 6th Capitol Hill insurrection hearings, details on a new lawsuit against Donald Trump, and a preview of the upcoming Space Force budget proposal.


  • Jan. 6 committee and Ginni Thomas reach agreement for testimony: The two sides have reached an agreement for Thomas to testify before the committee about the events of January 6.
  • Trump: I could declassify documents by thinking about it: Trump says he could declassify documents related to the Russia investigation by simply thinking about it.
  • Blinken, Lavrov come face-to-face at U.N. Security Council showdown: The two diplomats come face-to-face at a U.N. Security Council meeting, with Blinken calling on Russia to de-escalate the situation in Ukraine.
  • Zelenskyy vows Ukraine will win as Russia redoubles effort: Ukrainian President Zelenskyy vows that his country will win its conflict with Russia, as the latter redoubles its military efforts.
  • The third rail Republicans can’t stop touching: The Republican Party keep having to deal with the issue of Trump, even though they would rather not.
  • Mike Braun likely running for Indiana governor in 2024: Indiana Senator Mike Braun is likely to run for governor in 2024.
  • Dem strongholds beg the White House for help with migrants: Some Democratic Party strongholds are begging the White House for help with the migrant crisis.
  • ‘Nothing short of ridiculous’: Trump ally Tom Barrack rejects foreign agent claims as trial opens: Trump ally Tom Barrack rejects claims that he was a foreign agent, calling the accusations "ridiculous."
  • A peek inside the Trump real estate in Tish James' bombshell lawsuit: The Tish James lawsuit against Donald Trump gives a peek inside the president's real estate empire.
  • Financial fraud charges against Trump puts light on abusive tax scheme: The financial fraud charges against Trump shine a light on his abusive tax scheme.
  • ‘He knows how to play the victim card perfectly’: Why Trump’s legal woes only make him stronger: Trump's legal woes actually make him stronger, because he knows how to play the victim card.
  • Treasury and State sanction Iran over woman’s death in custody of Morality Police: The U.S. Treasury and State Departments sanction Iran over the death of a woman in the custody of the Morality Police.
  • House GOP cuts loose candidate who misled about military service: The House Republican Party cuts ties with a candidate who misled people about his military service.
  • Atlantic Canada braces for Fiona: ‘It’s going to hit us in the face.’: Atlantic Canada prepares for Hurricane Fiona, which is expected to hit the region hard.
  • Dem Senate candidates posted best online fundraising month in August: Democratic Party Senate candidates had their best online fundraising month in August.
  • 5 juiciest takeaways from the Tish James lawsuit against Donald Trump: The five juiciest takeaways from the Tish James lawsuit against Donald Trump.
  • House and Senate Democrats prepare resolutions to oppose local book bans: The House and Senate Democratic Caucuses prepare resolutions to oppose local book bans.
  • Caruso and Bass duel over LA corruption, crime and homelessness in mayor debate: The two candidates for Los Angeles mayor debate over the issues of corruption, crime, and homelessness.
  • Top Meta exec Clegg to decide whether to reinstate Trump on Facebook: The head of Facebook's policy department will decide whether to reinstate Donald Trump on the platform.
  • Special master calls for help in Trump Mar-a-Lago documents fight: A special master in the court case over Trump's Mar-a-Lago documents calls for help in the dispute.
  • Tish James fundraising appeal vows she will 'never be bullied' as attacks from Trump, Cuomo mount: Tish James' fundraising appeal vows that she will never be bullied, as attacks from Donald Trump and Andrew Cuomo mount.
  • Alex Jones testifies in trial over his Sandy Hook hoax lies: Alex Jones testifies in his trial over his lies about the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.
  • House GOP leaders don't roll out their policy agenda until Friday. But we have all their slides with details on the "Commitment to America" blueprint.: The House Republican leaders' policy agenda includes a commitment to America blueprint.
  • Trump vs. James — and Pelosi vs. Raskin: Two pairs of people are going up against each other, with Trump vs. James and Pelosi vs. Raskin.
  • Senate moves forward to fund government despite snags over Manchin's energy plan: The Senate moves forward to fund the government despite disagreements over Manchin's energy plan.
  • Schumer 2.0: How a surprise same-sex marriage decision explains the Senate leader: A surprise same-sex marriage decision explains some of Senate Majority Leader Schumer's recent actions.
  • LIV Golf may need a mulligan on Capitol Hill: The golf company LIV Golf may need