James Comer: Democrats will be hypocrites if they vote against Hunter Biden probe

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Today's top stories include James Comer's remarks on the potential hypocrisy of Democrats if they vote against a Hunter Biden probe, tight races for Democrats in the upcoming midterm elections, and a judge's ruling blocking Alabama from carrying out a lethal injection. Other stories include a fired NYC teacher's criticism of Mayor Adams, NASA's audio recording of space rocks crashing into Mars, and Biden's comments on the migrant surge at the southern border.


  • James Comer: Democrats will be hypocrites if they vote against Hunter Biden probe: In this article, James Comer argues that Democrats will be hypocrites if they vote against Hunter Biden being probed.
  • Democrats in tight races won't say if they oppose amnesty for illegal immigrants: In this article, Democrats in tight races are asked about their stance on amnesty for illegal immigrants, and most avoid answering the question.
  • Chicago Fire Department calls for mass casualty bus after explosion at residential building: After an explosion at a residential building in Chicago, the Fire Department is calling for a mass casualty bus to be sent to the scene.
  • Judge blocks Alabama from carrying out lethal injection after inmate says state lost his paperwork:After an inmate in Alabama says that the state lost his paperwork, a judge blocks the state from carrying out a lethal injection.
  • Fired NYC teacher rips Mayor Adams for keeping vaccine mandate: 'Why are you holding onto this?': A fired NYC teacher criticizes Mayor Adams for keeping a vaccine mandate in place, saying that it is unfair to those who cannot get the vaccine.
  • NASA audio captures space rocks crashing into Mars: In this audio clip, NASA captures the sound of space rocks crashing into Mars.
  • Biden questioned on migrant surge, says 'not rational' to 'send them back' to Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua: During an interview, Biden is questioned on the migrant surge at the border and says that it is not rational to 'send them back' to Venezuela, Cuba, and Nicaragua.
  • Vivek Ramaswamy & A Culture Of Victimhood: In this article, Vivek Ramaswamy is critical of what he sees as a culture of victimhood in the United States.
  • Are 2022 Polls Underestimating Republicans?: In this article, the author discusses whether or not polls are underestimating Republicans in the 2022 elections.
  • Ax Man Gets Released Without Bail: In this article, the Ax Man is released without bail after being convicted of a crime.
  • CEO Of Grove Collaborative: Sustainability Is The Future: In this article, the CEO of Grove Collaborative discusses why he believes that sustainability is the future.
  • Senator Lindsey Graham: Governors Abbott & DeSantis Are Brilliant Taking The Border Crisis And Making It Real To The Most Liberal People In The Country: In this article, Senator Lindsey Graham praises Governors Abbott and DeSantis for their handling of the border crisis.
  • Randy Levine On If The Yankees Can Resign Aaron Judge As He Pursues The American League Home Run Record & Triple Crown: In this article, Randy Levine discusses whether or not the Yankees will be able to resign Aaron Judge as he pursues the American League home run record and triple crown.
  • Steve Doocy: How The Recipes In The New ‘Simply Happy Cookbook’ Can Take The Stress Out Of Making Tasty Meals: In this article, Steve Doocy discusses how the recipes in the new 'Simply Happy Cookbook' can help take the stress out of making meals.
  • Nate Foy: Dr. Oz Has Started To Shift His Strategy In The Competitive Pennsylvania Senate Race: In this article, Nate Foy discusses how Dr. Oz has started to shift his strategy in the competitive Pennsylvania Senate race.
  • US Army Suggests Food Stamps for Soldiers: In this article, the US Army suggests that food stamps be given to soldiers.
  • Gov. Glenn Youngkin (R-VA) Urges Republican Candidates To Embrace ‘Winning Platform’ Of Educational Issues Ahead Of Midterms: In this article, Gov. Glenn Youngkin urges Republican candidates to embrace the 'winning platform' of educational issues ahead of the midterm elections.
  • Breaking Down FOX News Power Rankings: In this article, the author breaks down the FOX News power rankings.
  • A Gowdy Encore: Continuing to Keep The Faith With Shannon Bream: In this article, the author discusses why he believes that Shannon Bream is doing a good job as a FOX News host.
  • Ronna McDaniel On Why Republicans Should Focus on Crime, The Economy, The Border & Not Abortion Heading Into The Midterms: In this article, Ronna McDaniel discusses why she believes that Republicans should focus on crime, the economy, the border, and not abortion heading into the midterm elections.
  • Chad Wolf Reacts To Southern Border Arrests Exceeding 2 Million In A Year For The First Time: ‘The Nightmare Continues’: In this article, Chad Wolf reacts to the news that southern border arrests have exceeded 2 million in a year for the first time.
  • Jessica Tarlov: DeSantis Flying Illegal Migrants To Martha’s Vineyard Seems So Excessive: In this article, Jessica Tarlov criticizes Governor DeSantis for flying illegal migrants to Martha's Vineyard.